Christmas Past

There have been many Christmases in my life, many memorable for different reasons. This will be my 57th one. And i am grateful for every one.

I love Christmas, i love the lights twinkling, the carols being sung, the food, the drink the festivity and yes the magic of it all.

The quiet beauty of a winter snowfall doesn’t escape me, I soak in every bit.

My brother and I  were very close as children and as is evident by most of our pictures, I am more outwardly affectionate that my brother. Okay.. I pull him into photos.  But he does laugh so that is good right?

The particular Christmas that is rolling around in my mind today is the one when I was about 14 or so. I can only remember based on the length of my hair. My hair was very long until the summer of my freshman year. So this had to be the prior to the cutting. Anyway, at this point my brother and I were anxious for Christmas and of course trying to guess the contents of our packages. I have always had a gift for guessing my presents, much to the dismay of those around me.  And this year was no different, except for that one mystery package under the tree. It was a square and it was heavy. We could not guess.. we had no idea. My brother and I decided to unwrap it from one end because we couldn’t wait for the surprise. We had to know  and we had to know now. So we unwrapped it carefully so mom wouldn’t know and we could easily retape the end. as we gently peeled back the paper it revealed..nothing.. no name, nothing just this black hard surface. Now we weren’t bold enough to unwrap the entire present, so the surprise would have to wait.

Come Christmas morning we were excited. I unwrapped a silver bangle watch with a white face and a baby blue parka. I loved that parka, it had a silky feel to the material and a big hood with fur all around cradling a face on a cold winter morning. I absolutely loved that coat.

And then it was time for the mystery gift. As it turns out, it was for my brother. He tore that paper off and it was a black box with a handle and a latch. He unlatched it and the top was lifted off, it was a typewriter. So cool.

What I wouldn’t give to have that typewriter now. I remember typing on it, I loved that thing and used it every chance my brother gave me.

So many Christmas memories, this was one of my favorites. The excitement over presents, the curiosity, and the innocence of surprises and Christmas morning. All irreplaceable.

What will you unwrap this year?

Until Next time,





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