Shades of Gray

I heard today on the radio that blue eyes with red hair is the most rare combination in the ginger world. My Dad gave me those two things. He and I were rare together.

I began life as a ginger  and yes green was predominant in my early years. It’s an unspoken law that if you are a redhead you must wear green. But that is a blog for another day.

Over the years I have been many shades of Red. Some chosen, some accidental.. Like the time I put henna (Enhances natural highlights it said…not) on my hair and it was burgundy, not that stylish burgundy but purple mess. I called my stylist ( who is still my stylist and has been for 20 years) she said come in we will take a look. She removed my hat and said “oh” she explained why it turned that shade and then she put in blonde highlights, they were bright blonde and looked more than a little strange against the burgundy background. But it was the best option. She made me promise to not do it again. I promised and lied.

Over the years she has fixed more than one “Laurie” style. I have a bad habit of  “trimming” my bangs till they look like the first haircut you give yourself in 2nd grade.. my stylist trims bangs for free between cuts..but no..i knew better. Dying my hair, stripping the color out (oops does work, but results may vary), screaming at the result and rushing to Walgreens for yet another color to throw over the top of my latest attempt.  All due to impatience.. mine. And yet somehow my thick, unruly hair has survived.

Last summer, I saw a friend from high school and her hair was natural, long, gorgeous and grey. Totally enviable.

Then I was listening to a comic on a podcast and he was telling a story about his stylist whispering in his ear “its time” . Time for what? “ To stop dying your hair…I laughed but it resonated with me. It is time.

I am taking the leap and joining the experiment. I am no longer the girl with the red hair, I am the woman with the grey. I have earned it. Every strand is part of my story and makes me who I am and it kinda matches the rest of me. The time has come to embrace it. So I am, as I watch myself change into yet another version of me, I cant help but marvel at what color can do for your soul.

It can change you from a serious brunette to a vivacious redhead to a bombshell blonde, it can give you confidence to look the world in the eye. It can let you be someone else even temporarily, it can make you feel wild and free when you are at your most controlled and it can boost your spirits just when you need it.

Grey is just another color to try out, it may take me awhile to completely transform but so far I am enjoying it. It’s a little like watching a flower bloom, unsure of the final depth of color until all the petals have unfolded.

So lets see what I turn out to be..I am hoping for a grayish color with lovely shades of gold…anything is possible.  And a special thank you to Carol Darby who gave me the confidence to “go for it!”

I will keep you posted on the transformation, or you could join the revolution!

Until next time,



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