100% cotton & IKEA

I was in Minneapolis the other day, more specifically Eagan. I was told there was a mall there, I was also told there was an IKEA, this was not a dilemma. IKEA every time.

It’s the therapy of wandering aimlessly ( usually not following the arrows on the floor in the right direction) and just perusing. I will usually buy a few things, my favorite areas are usually anything kitchen or bedroom.

This weeks therapy began with lunch first. There is something almost military about the tray service, but it’s the design. The efficient, functional design that sucks me in every time. I always look at the menu, priced effective and higher grade cafeteria food. I am partial to the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam. Its simply delish. My dessert was cream cake with raspberry and marzipan. I only allowed myself a few bites, but it was divine. I then proceeded onto the showroom floor.

It’s basically a maze and you wander through preset rooms to give you ideas, then move on to the actual purchasing of the items to create your dream room.  All very cost-effective and oddly inspiring at the same time.

I always admire the bedding, specifically the comforters, weird I know. But they have many kinds, cool, warm, warmer, extra warm… something for everyone. And duvet covers, something for everyone. If you are a purest you may just enjoy the natural colored comforter, but if you want to spice it up, they have choices.  This trip I was alone no company, so I could really investigate these comforters, that I always tell myself I am going to buy one day.  Today was the day. I picked my down comforter from the bin, it was neatly rolled up and packaged in plastic. I know enticing right? I couldn’t wait to get home and crawl into bed with my new comforter.

There is an exquisite pleasure in the first opening a new comforter. The crunchy sound it makes when you open it and fluff it.The sound of real 100% cotton. Yes, it has a sound. So today I ceremoniously unrolled the comforter and shook it out and watched the feathers begin to plump. The tag says it takes 3-4 days to reach it’s full potential. Okay, maybe it didn’t say potential but you know what I mean maximum plumpness.. I think of it like a turbo version of those towels we buy as kids to watch them grow. My comforter is growing before my eyes.

I truly love my bed, it’s an old beat up thing, but its a haven to me. My respite from the world, and you can’t sink into the bed without the right comforter. Down is it for me. Fluffy and comfy and aaahh.

I truly love the simple pleasures in life, a cozy home, a comfy bed, people I love, a good book, coffee, music and theatre.

Sometimes all in one room.

Until Next Time,