I attended a wedding this weekend. It was like most weddings, vows, bride, groom and happiness overflowing.  This one was special, it took place in a castle and I attended in my pajamas with a cup of coffee ( should have been tea) and cried my little tears of joy. Prince Harry is happy and married.

He isn’t my son, he is all of ours. I am roughly the age that Diana would have been, we were even pregnant at the same time. Her life resonates with mine in a small way. We have watched Harry become a man, and search to find his own identity, somewhere between the loss of his mother and the shadow of William, he found a place to be Harry.

My mother is British and she hasn’t missed a wedding yet.  It’s my heritage, and watching this happiness was the least I could do ( since my invitation must have got lost) to show my British roots.  I set my alarm ( My granddaughter said you are really getting up? It’s your day off) yes, it’s Harry’s Wedding Day. I padded downstairs turned on the telly and sat down to enjoy.  I did.

I know there are many differing opinions on the Royals , their lives, the wedding as whole and the entire empire. But this was not the day to discuss those challenges or differences. This day was about love.  That’s it, pure and simple. love.

If you can make it about love and nothing else, you will see the sweet family wedding I watched on TV. This wedding, this celebration of love was watched by 80 million people or something close. But it was truly about those two, that’s it.

When you live your life under a microscope you don’t get to elope or have a quiet family wedding, it just doesn’t work that way. You follow protocol and the wishes of the Queen and you do it right.

Yes, a royal wedding is a spectacle and it was wonderful, full of ritual, history and customs. My heart beat fast and I was excited to watch it.  We had been waiting for this day. To move forward in life and rejoice with his new beginning. We watched a small boy stoically walk behind his mummy’s casket and our hearts broke. We watched a Prince marry his love and change the Royal family forever.

If nothing else cherish the day and open your heart to love.

And share in the love of our new Duke and Duchess.

Love is simple and strong.

Until Next Time,