Facebook Virtue

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook, I often question the virtue and the value of even continuing to have a presence.

Today I am reminded (at least in this case) a confirmed virtue to Facebook. It is good for reconnecting family members thought lost.

A few years ago, a name popped up on my Facebook as “people you might know” a name I hadn’t heard in a lifetime. Carol Turner, formerly known to me as Carol Priest, my cousin from the UK.

One little click started a renewed family connection, that allowed not just the reconnection for me but the introduction and connection for my daughters and their families.

I met Carol a lifetime ago when I was a young girl living in the same town as I am now. It’s where I grew up and where my Mom still lives. Cousin Carol came from the UK with Auntie Evelyn for a visit. My British Cousin. It was a special time, as my Aunt was only here once to visit as I recall. I may have been 9 or 10 when she visited. I have one memory that stands out to me so brightly from that visit. We had this old black bicycle (girls) and I remember Carol riding it with a dress on, which in the US in my neighborhood was unexpected, but didn’t even seem to be a consideration for Carol, she hopped on that bike and took off. I can still see her smiling and her hair flying in the wind as she rode that bike. That’s it, the one memory of cousin until Facebook virtue.

Once we reconnected on Facebook and it led to many simple but lovely messages of love and encouragement that I treasure. Through the virtue, we met Hannah, Samantha, Louise and Jess, we got to share glimpses of our lives with them. And in turn we got to see glimpses of their lives as well. We discovered similarities between our daughters (who are second cousins as well). Louise has babies as does my daughter Abbey. The connection provided unexpected kindness from the other side of the pond.

We watched love unfold, we watched young boys grow before our eyes, we saw the yearly messages of love to family members already gone and got to enjoy the connection of being a family, no matter how far our shores might be.

That is Facebook virtue. Creating connection and love between people who we have lost touch because of circumstance, distance or time. Facebook knows none of those things, it creates instant connection if you want it. Reconnects lives.

My cousin Carol who was that first connection with British family in a long time, battled cancer and again the beast took away a vibrant life. Once again, Facebook earned a virtue. Through Facebook I was notified of Carol’s passing and was able to share that sad news with our family.

I hope to continue Carol’s legacy and never lose track of my British family again, Thank you Facebook.

Until next time,