Avocado Toast and World Problems

I guess this little blog starts at the beginning. I went on vacation alone about 10 years ago and went to Folly Beach, still remains one of my favorite vacations to date. While at the beach I spent my mornings enjoying the sunshine and walking my Border Collie Jessup on the beach. During one of our walks, I came upon a food truck selling avocado toast. It sounded wonderful and it was. Simple ciabatta bread with smashed avocados and a bit of garlic salt. It was divine and to this day in my mind what avocado toast should be. The gold star of toast.

So on Friday I stopped at a local coffee shop and ordered a coffee and an avocado toast to go. Not a well thought out decision if you are in a hurry. I ordered a food/coffee combo one other time and I apparently forgot that speedy is not their forte. But once ordered, I was committed.

The coffee came in a timely manner and I suggested to the staff member serving the window, would you like me to pull into a parking spot so you can serve others behind me in line? She agreed and I pulled forward into a parking spot. I watched two cars come and go slowly and still no toast. I pulled back in line to try another swing by to get my toast. This time she walked out the side door handed me my purchase with the comments, sorry it took so long to toast and it’s a bit messy. I did the Midwest thing, smiled, said thanks and drove off. From the beginning of my drive through interaction to driving away was 25 minutes. Seriously? I toast at home, 5 minutes tops.

When it arrived, I was so hungry and expecting my former avocado toast, simple and perfect.. Yes I read the menu and description and yes it had some other “toppings” egg/bacon/feta cheese.

So it arrived and I excitedly opened the box. Inside was a mound of feta cheese, covering what I assumed was bread and chopped up egg. I tried to pick it up and yes you guessed it, feta cheese went everywhere. That was the beginning of disaster.

First, the bread was too thin ( think Heel of Wonder bread thin) to support all the toppings, the avocado was sliced instead of mashed and everything was slipping off the toast, the eggs were fried and then chopped up, which was just strange to my palette and to top off the masterpiece, feta.. lots and lots of feta.

It was an assault to my senses. However, I was hungry and needed to eat. So I parked the car and made a fine attempt to make as little mess as possible. Oh did I mention it did not come with a fork? It arrived in a recycled cardboard box with the flap type lid and when it was opened there was wall to wall toast. A challenge to extricate from the box without spilling cheese everywhere. I was not a victor.

Which was followed by a trip to the car wash for a vacuuming of all the rogue cheese now residing on the floor of the car, among other places.

So this leads me to state that less is more at least for me. I am an avocado toast purist, mashed on good bread with a little garlic. Nothing more, I like to taste the avocado (what little taste it possesses). The conclusion is I feel that way about many things in life.

As I get older and reevaluate the important things in life, avocado toast may fall by the wayside, but today it was a world problem worthy of writing a brief blog about in case the local establishment recognizing their product and sees room for improvement.

I am not asking for toast only for me, but possibly 2 options, purist toast and loaded toast. Or maybe alter the construction of the item. Or maybe just have better bread that can support the goodness on top. All viable solutions to the pressing world problem.

Until Next Time,