People and Books

On Wednesday of this week I had the pleasure of attending a local author’s book release. It was a casual affair at the Rock Island library. The author Tom McKay greeted each attendee warmly and offered pie, coffee and hot cider. There were maybe 6 tables and each contained a full plate of cookies ,a copy of the book and a blue striped coffee mug, that matched one on the cover. We helped ourselves to piping hot cider and pie. I had apple ┬ácomplete with homemade filling and crust. We found seats next to a casually dressed man with long grey hair pulled back into a ponytail and a diminutive woman who turned out to be the author’s wife. The other guests were primarily gray-haired, middle aged with a couple of dark haired ones and a red head thrown in for good measure.But there was one woman who stole the show. An older woman with thick grey hair cut in a very trendy and flattering asymmetrical bob, dressed head to toe in eclectic style. Knee high boots, leggings flowing sweater topped by a dazzling smile. She glowed.

As the author made his way from table to table, working the room they say, obviously enjoying himself immensely. As the formal portion of the night got underway the publishers took the stage and introduced us to the newest novella by Tom McKay. I was proud to see his publishers were a woman owned company! The two women one dark and one red headed both took the stage and provided background on both the author and their company.

Tom then took the stage with a mix of comfort, pride and happiness.He gushed about his new book and he gave us a little insight into his inspiration for the book and the characters that grace its pages. He then read us a snippet, just enough to whet the appetite for more. He open the floor for questions from the audience and they gladly provided him with different inquiries that ran the bases of the writer ballpark.

Next came the door prizes! (I told you this night had everything ) As we entered the room we were handed a ticket. Now if you don’t know ,I have been hanging with the lucky Nelson Clan. Well we cleaned up ! We won the blue striped coffee mugs and the homemade pie (yes I chose the pie) because not only does Tom Mckay write he also makes amazing pies. I was not going to miss the chance to snag a whole one to share with my tribe. As the evening drew to a close, I sat watching all of the people who came to support his effort and witness completion of a goal. Kudos to Tom. Kudos to his supporters who bundled up on a cold Illinois evening to share this moment.

He inspired me to continue writing, beginning with this blog.

Until next time,