Tonight as I walked my sweet Nedda, looked around my neighborhood with wonder. We had a 14 inch snowfall on Sunday night, during that night I simply kept watch from my perch out the window of my second floor apartment. From that window I saw an eagle soaring through crisp air, in and out of the snowflakes. I see the high-rise apartment that you can never see until the leaves fall from the trees. I see the lights shining from the glass walls above me, warm golden and clear. I see my quiet street and the families that live on it who take care of each other. I watched the entire family walk a thanksgiving dinner from one house to the next, each carrying a dish all in the name of love. I think they are father and son, living next door to each other. Watching over each other.

The quiet man who lives across the street and his little dog in the front door, barking up a storm. Then there are the neighbors I haven’t met yet. The couple on the corner who love Jeeps, they have them everywhere and they decorate for every holiday. The Jeeps currently have lights in the front window, they drive the season with them. Twinkling lights can make anything look festive. There are quiet houses that seem to be empty, waiting for a family. My downstairs neighbor has her tree up and it sparkles pretty through her window. Ours is waiting for a visitor from Alaska.

As we walk through the darkness, it seems it’s always dark these days, the snow crunching beneath our feet and sparkling like magic in the night. The air is cold this night and the darkness makes it darker. But there is something about walking under a starry sky and feeling the cold air blowing by your face and knowing that there is something in the air. Winter.

I love all four seasons, I find something to love about each one. In Winter I love the pristine snow. I love a reason to make hot chocolate, or burn a log in my fireplace. A reason to stay inside and cuddle under a blanket. Winter gives me all those reasons.

The morning after a snow fall is a special time, the world is untouched, the snow is pristine and sometimes it even sparkles. The way it clings to the rooftops and drifts along the side of the trees. There is a small sense of  joy when your see that kind of perfection.  The world looks perfect and the moon is often giant in the sky. Looming protectively over the winter scenario, kissing the world with a perfect glow of warm amber.

So get outside and enjoy winter.

Until Next Time,