Tina, Toxin Magician

Every now and again I treat myself to a visit to an hour with Tina, my magical masseuse.  Tina is a gift. A vessel through which the gift of touch and healing travels like lightening bolts of health. Tina’s den of healing is discreetly hidden in the back of Mosiac Salon  in Moline Illinois, just slightly off of the Mississippi River.

For me it is a whole body experience, from the moment I text her number for an appointment I am jazzed, I know healing is to follow. Since mine are usually after work, I have all day to ponder the self-indulgence that lies ahead.

I pull up to the non-descript building and enter the door, careful to adhere to the written request of making sure it closes behind me. I walk down the hall, stopping to peek @ the new jewelry board display  and marvel at the ones that I might buy. Walking past a few other suites, I pass a nail technician and  hear the quiet conversations that are taking place between clients and technician and stylist.. I walk by the tufted 2 person stool that graces the entry way, begging me to sit like a princess. I enter the door way of the final suite, it is larger than the others and Tina’s room is on the left.

I am greeted by my friend and healer, Tina.  Don’t let her diminutive stature and thin build fool you, she is a beast in the massage room. Tina is a  cool hippy chick, long wavy black hair, beatnik bangs ( that I so wish I could replicate) often wearing a little tie dyed something and a few tattoos complete her look. She has a waiting smile and a “Hello, How are you?” I  respond, “Better in an hour”. I enter the chamber of divinity, and for the next hour, I am pampered.

Her room is slightly dark, with calming ethereal music playing softly. Flowers and peaceful vibes fill the room. I quietly disrobe and prepare for the full hour treatment. I climb onto to the table and softly sink in, doing my little mediation of the head and sigh “aaah”.. I notice a bonus this trip, she has added  a warmer to the bed..I think she never wants me to leave.

I close my eyes and listen for her knock, and she enters the room. Our familiar banter begins, she is both my massage therapist and my friend . I have always appreciated that she asks if she should be careful with my hair ( it apparently is a real concern for others) I simply state, “no, mess it up” and she begins the treatment with my head, which had a migraine on this day, so it felt really wonderful to have someone essentially squeeze my head.. As she works my tired muscles and releases tension and toxin from every nook and cranny, I slowly melt into calm. Something that doesn’t come easy to me as many will attest. But she does it.

I go for the whole hour, and my body thanks me. If you have never tried massage, I recommend Tina, she will introduce you gently and quietly convince you to return. Again and again. Simply through the miracle of touch.

That night I sleep soundly and awake revitalized and I am thankful. I believe in the power of human healing and the power of touch and highly recommend massage and pampering. Feet, hands, body, whatever works for you.

Until Next Time,







  1. Karyn LaRue says:

    Ohh, sounds marvelous! I want to meet Tina!!


    1. monkeymusingsblog says:

      I can provide her #:)


  2. monkeymusingsblog says:



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