Simple Love

It’s been a long summer. As matter of fact it’s been a long 10 months. And it’s about time to write.

So as I sit on my well loved and broken in sofa with the velvet cushion covers eating my second donut and third cup of coffee of the day.. Yes that’s right, don’t judge it’s Sunday.. I am pondering a new beginning, as I have for the last 10 months. We have had many new beginnings, which to me simply means overcoming obstacles or hiccups in the road of life.

In our little part of the world we have overcome many obstacles in the last 10 months, but we have also shared many joys, laughs and memories.

As I have analyzed my own needs and wants I have discovered I love the simply joys. Todays ode to joy is dedicated to sheets, and the undeniable irreplaceable joy in sheets. New or old, for me it’s a love affair for the ages.

Allow me to explain in detail, I have very specific parameters with sheets. I like cotton 100%, Egyptian cotton or Percale mix. That’s it. I despise microfiber, which is just polyester pretending to be silk. But let’s say what we really are, polyester sheets.. eewwww.

There is something glorious about new sheets, which I buy about once a year. Once the appropriate pattern is chosen, which is usually a vintage floral with a stripe or two thrown in for good measure, the unwrapping occurs.

As I tear off the packaging, my newest ones came in a lovely bag, so that was a pleasure as well. As I open the drawstring top and slide it down over the rolled up sheets, my excitement grows. Seriously, it’s real. I unroll the package and separate the pillow cases from the fitted and flat sheets. I gently shake out the new fitted sheet and lovingly put it on the bed, marveling at how well it hugs the corners ( which after the first wash is always questionable). Then I shake out the flat sheet, absorbing the crispness and laying it onto the fitted sheet which welcomes it’s friend to the party. Once they are appropriately connected, I carefully tuck under starting at the end of the bed first and working my way up each side until I am satisfied with the smoothness (can’t actually bounce a coin, those days were extreme) but smooth none the less. After sheets have been put on the bed followed but the fluffy comforter, the pillows are added. Now it’s ready for that first sleep.

The joy of folding the covers back to brand new fresh sheets is unsurpassed in my opinion. They are crisp and new and lovely. It is truly an aaaah moment before beginning the nights slumber.

But the love affair with sheets is two-fold (no pun intended), because I love my old cotton sheets with equal joy. They are like an old friend who is aging but still has great purpose. Because the new sheet high can only last for a brief time, I must always return to my solid old friends. These sheets contain a different quality of joy. From years of washing and hanging on the line every chance I get, theses sheets are soft, faded and have lasted the generations like good friends.

As I wash the old friends and prepare to hang them on the line, I am reminded of yet another simple joy, the clothesline. Being able to hang out sheets or comforters in that crisp air ( yes, upon occasion I hang things for airing out in the winter) or the hot summer morning creates anticipation and joy. Why you ask? Have you ever smelled a sheet dried on the line?

The joy of a fresh air sheet on the bed, is another ahhhh moment. The scent lingers and lulls one to sleep. It is an a scent from yesteryear and I treasure every wiff.

So I guess as we move forward to hurdle the obstacles in life, perhaps approaching it as a new unopened sheet or an old familiar one is the way to go. Because both ways provide joy. And that’s what it’s all about right?

Until Next Time,