Pollyanna and life

The world, our world is in a perpetual state of light and dark. Depending on the day and your personal state of mind, you are one or the other.I personally try to not play in the dark too much. It sucks the life from me. Personally, human injustices like Standing Rock and child abuse churn in the pit of my stomach. I try to become informed, i wont say understand..because I can’t. The news overwhelms me and I just have to walk away or it will consume me. The darkness in our world is never ending. As a child, a favorite movie was Pollyanna, yes I have introduced to my grandchildren..with mixed enthusiasm results. This movie began my love affair with overcoming hardships and finding the good in life.

A little sappy? Perhaps..but genuine and this is MY blog. In the movie Pollyanna tells Reverend Ford that  if you look for the good in people you will probably find it.

This is my mantra..look for the good.

It is all around you just have to take the time to see. In laughter (at your expense is encouraged), in good deeds , public service, music, acts of genuine kindness (without acknowledgement), simple pleasures (good coffee,good whiskey, good beer)….the sources are endless just look around..see with mindful eyes. It will do your heart good.

Until tomorrow,