I grew up in the Midwest and our home did not have a fireplace. One of my absolute favorite things about Christmas as a child was assembling the fireplace we had a cardboard fireplace that mom dug out every year and put up in the kitchen.

It was by far the coolest decoration in my book. It’s red brick and the mantle in black and to top it off a “real” fire in the hearth. Complete with flames, okay. A lightbulb, but flames to me.

That fireplace. Meant home to me.  My favorite Christmas photo of my brother and i is taken in front of that fireplace. I was on my fisher price phone,  that pulled by a string and the eyes rolled around.

We would hang our stockings on that mantle and mom would put “angel hair” on the mantel and her nativity scene across the top.

I still long for that fireplace and the simplicity of that joy. I seek it.

Such a simpler time.


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