Decide to Delight

This statement has been flagrantly stolen.

I attended a church service on Sunday with my daughter (Not something that I do normally). The focus was my granddaughter, she was performing in a Christmas choir and singing one line with a microphone as a solo at age 7. Not something I was not about to miss.

As entered the church I was greeted by an older gentleman who welcomed me to the church. There was a separate room where members of the congregation were gathered in some time of community gathering.

As I stood there waiting for my daughter To come fetch me from another part of the church, I noticed the scent of fresh popcorn wafting throughout the church. My first thought was “they serve popcorn ? nice.”

As my daughter walked me through the church the popcorn followed, when we entered the informal sanctuary, a large room with folding chairs and a small stage, modernly lit with white lights and a few standing tables filled with boxes of the popcorn. To the right of the stage was an elaborate very large box of popcorn. The room had a festive vibe and on the stage was a guitarist and vocalist singing songs of welcome.

Apparently, it was ugly sweater Sunday as many could be seen both on the Minister and the congregation. It was a small gathering and as the service began the children began to file in, pretty little girls in red velvety dresses, boys in sweaters and dress shirts, they were followed by the smaller children dressed as angels. Controlled chaos at best, but simply sweet.

The children stepped forward in groups of 3 to sing their solos using the microphone. Flawless performances by all. At the completion of the performance they were filed out to the children’s church I presume.

Then the service began along with popcorn eating by a few members. They rolled classic Christmas movie clips across the screen in the front of the church (a very effectively used wall) and I watched as films like A Christmas Story rolled across. Then he began to speak, standing in front of his congregation in an Ugly sweater decorated with Yoda and large cotton ball type items down the sleeves and the words “Merry is the way” across the front. He notified us that today’s message was focused on the Muppet’s
Christmas Carol movie, focusing on the past, present and future.

I was intrigued, he spoke gently about the important of the past, present and future and how each is a part of our lives, our story but not the whole story and why it is important to acknowledge them all. A basic message of humanity and kindness. He offered that perhaps we shouldn’t be like Scrooge who waited until Christmas Day to enjoy what he had but instead we should DECIDE TO DELIGHT. Those words jumped out at me.

Decide to delight simply means, decide to delight in the good things you have in your life, while they are there, live in the moment.

This message is never more important than it is now at this moment. Not just this season but everyday. Wake up and be ready to delight in the goodness in front of you.

It takes some focus at times to learn to delight, but if you try after awhile it becomes second nature. And what a delight life becomes when you live in the moment you have been given.

My personal delights currently include, hot coffee, pretty Christmas lights, laughter of a child, cheering a friends success, self-care, watching a Christmas movie as a family, travelling to new places, sharing your art with others, the list is endless , all you have to do is decide.

Decide to Delight, open your heart and mind to the beauty and wonders around you large or small and invest wholeheartedly in that moment. the rewards are endless.

And pop some popcorn you need snacks for this delightful journey!

Until Next Time,