The Trifecta

Sometimes in life you find that special place, that makes you feel so good. Your haven away from the world. I recommend Ann Layne Salon.

Today I completed the final installment of my beauty trio, I received my first facial. Delight. Pure unadulterated delight. My skin has never felt more divine. Soft , glowing, healthy.. not quite ageless but definitely glowing.

This salon has it all. Charm, expertise and professionalism.

The salon itself is located downtown in the heart of the city. Well our city. It’s an area that is trying to regain its momentum. restaurants and bars are popping up all the time.  The building itself is one of my favorites. First, it’s a corner shop, with an angled corner entrance door, that just beckons “welcome” above the door hangs their shingle “Ann Layne Studio”. It opens into a sunny modern, kitschy salon.  You are always greeted by the proprietors Alicia and Rachel, with a big hello and smiles to match the one streaming through the windows.

They are the brains and creativity behind this beautiful place. It started with the two of them and now includes a Massage Therapist and Esthetician Trifecta.

The salon boasts full service, I mean you could spend an entire day and be PAMPERED to the hilt and leave feeling fantastic. That’s the superficial side of me.

The feminist side of me loves this place, it is run by women, strong independent women who had a dream. A dream they never lost sight of, one that has come true. I admire their bravery and reaching for their dream.  The banded together and built a salon. They didn’t hire painters or builders, they simply invested their time and sweat to build their dream..

Isnt that what America is made of..? Dreams. Big or small.  The owners have found a place to call home and they have opened their home for you.  You can share the dream and feel beautiful all in one stop.

One beautiful, delish stop.

If you aren’t a client. you should be.  Today.


Until Next Time,