Thank you for your Service

I take a new job, I gain a new respect for the work that goes on behind the scenes, and the talented people who give it their all.

I recently changed jobs and joined the VA. There are many reasons behind this decision, the challenge of the unknown, the Iowa City VA took care of my Dad for many years, but probably mostly, it is a way to give back to fellow veterans.

Each day our halls are filled with patients from all branches of service, all periods of time. Our job is to help the veterans. A simply stated mission.

So far, I am enjoying the patients, as you walk the halls, greeting them, helping them locate a clinic or just directions to the canteen, our veterans appreciate every gesture.

Veterans come in all shapes and sizes and age groups. If you listen they will talk. About war, about drill sergeants, action, deployments or leave. And if you are real quiet, they might tell you about life. Old sailors who tell you a joke in the elevator, or aging soldiers who hold a door for you or just plain orneriness. The VA serves them all.

I never talked much about my time in service, but here I wear a badge card, red, easy to spot fellow Marines, it’s an elite club after all. This place should be called the halls of heroes. As I watch the little old ladies pushing their heroes around in a wheel chair or holding hands as they walk to x-ray together. Gently kissing a forehead as the bed is rolled into surgery. Or a daughter helping her Dad walk the halls and begin to heal.

Everyday is a reward to help a veteran. To say thank you for your service. It’s an honor to provide you comfort and caring and you make my day, everyday.

Knee, it’s alright with me.

Until Next Time,