New Ears

When I was first diagnosed with hearing loss, I cried. I knew in the back of my mind. I had been coming around cubicle walls for discussions for years, having and hearing conversations that never happened or were completely off base.  It produced many a laugh and a obsurd game of telephone at times.

But truthfully, accepting hearing loss and beginning to wear hearing was not hard once I put them in my ears. Yes, I fought a war with my vanity ( how can I hide them) and a realization of age.  Yes, initially I perceived it as a defect. But I was quick to learn it was just another adventure in life. My hearing loss was damaged cilia in the ear and not repairable. However, I could wear hearing aids and retain an acceptable level of hearing.

I moved forward and received my first pair from the  VA. They came in a few colors  and while I wanted red ( I always want red) I accepted tan. The day to get my hearing aids came and I went to Iowa City to pick them up. That first afternoon, I felt as if I was wearing a huge ear, I was like a spy. I could hear all the conversations, very clearly. I could also hear conversations, trees cracking, leaves falling  you name it I heard it.

Four years later, I got my second ones, an upgrade to a smaller version of my previous hearing aid. Again it was a gift. It was a snazzy silver hue in color (still no red) and half the size of the previous one and it works better too! I was actually excited for the day to arrive. The new pair fits perfectly behind my small ears and doesn’t fly off every time I put my glasses on. What I once viewed with great sadness is now welcomed with joy, Hearing aids are not for old people as I once perceived but simply for people who want to hear. I am one of those people.

I am lucky to receive mine from the VA, but there are many new cost-effective ones on the horizon, and some higher end ones that actually connect with your phone. Never deprive or deny yourself the sound of laughter and the music of your favorite song when help is wrapped in a stylish silver ear huggers.

Often times I explain that life without hearing aids is like listening to Charlie Browns teacher, wah wah wah wah…I prefer the crisp clear tones of nature, a favorite movie and voices of the people I love.

I never knew what I was missing until I heard it.

Until Next Time,