My first girl

This is a love story for my girl. My first girl. Today she turns 36. I can hardly believe it, I have a daughter who is 36, how can that be? Where does the time go?

I want her to know how proud I am of her. But this year even more than other years. She has shown her bullish nature (she is a Taurus), her persistence and her drive. She has worked hard and made difficult choices all in the name of her love. This COVID year she has been a teacher, a caregiver, a banker, a work from home, student, wife and mom to 4.

I admire and reflect on her strength from the very beginning. She didn’t arrive easily. When I got pregnant with Abbey she wasn’t expected or planned she was pleasant surprise. She has been a surprise since the day she arrived a wee bit early.

She was moving non-stop during my pregnancy, feet sticking in my ribs, head upside down, all over the map. It was to set the trajectory for her life. Always take the wild ride.

At 8 months I slipped on the ice and fell flat on my stomach, I went to the hospital, she wasn’t moving. I drank some concoction designed to jump start her but nothing happened and then miraculously she started moving and the ride continued.

At 38 weeks, she was in fetal distress, her heart rate bouncing from 145 to zero in a flash. Emergency c-section. I still remember being wheeled into the surgical suite and they began .. I still remember hearing them counting 1, 2,3,4,5…. I was really huge and said to the doctor ” I don’t know what you are counting but it better not be children” My attempt at humor. “No.. The number of times the cord is around her neck. ” So she arrived. Complicated but whole.

Her life has been nothing but unusual from the beginning. I have watched my girl come a young woman and evolve into a wonderful woman and mom.

Her beauty is not only in her face but also in her heart. As I watch her with her children I am amazed at the love that pours out of her. She is gentle and kind, defensive and strong. Her children are everything. And truly who can ask for more?

A beautiful, boisterous family, filled with love and she is the center, like the sun. Everyone has their own language of love. Hers is giving. She gives of herself until she is exhausted and raw. She gives to her family and then there is a little time left for her to spend on her. She does it.. Day in and day out without complaints all in the name of love.

So to my first girl, take some time for you, enjoy your day, you are loved, you are strong, you are woman.

I love you,