Snippets of Life

They went on a post pandemic journey to the city.

The day was an overcast one full of snow flakes and windshield wipers. As the snow clung to the left side of the road signs and periodically called for activating the windshield wipers, they traversed the highway to the north east to the twinkling city. As they drove the 158 miles from the cabin to the sparkling city, they listened to a podcast, and chatted about many subjects as they often do.

Slowly the traffic increased and and the energy could be felt, as the sky darkened to evening and the traffic became a sea of headlights, there it was twinkling in front of us. There is nothing quite like driving into the beauty of a large city at night. The city lays in front of you, beckoning, alluring and welcoming all at once. It is truly beautiful to behold.

As we made our way through the winding streets along the beautiful shimmering lakeshore towards the evenings destination, the focus on traffic was crushing and cars seem to be catapulting out of every corner. The symphony of car sounds that can only be heard in the city belting out their song as we move along.

We turn off the main racetrack onto a side street or the city’s version of one and begin to enter the maze of streets, weaving towards the theatre. But first dinner.

We circle the block and decide to park at the theatre lot. We pull in, pay our fee and are firmly given the lock up times for the lot by the attendant enclosed in the box at the entrance. We walk down the street on a beautiful balmy fall evening with just a gentle breeze blowing off the lake towards our destination. As we arrive, we step up the rounded stairs, open the door into a warm bustling environment. We proceed to the maitre d’ stand and see our “date” from across the room, we proceed on our own to the table.

The energy is deafening. Our friend that we haven’t seen in 2 years is waiting with excitement. We hug, the kind of first hug in 2 years that releases all of the pent up frustration and thankfulness that we are still here to hug our friends. The kind that we waited for and wondered if it would ever happen, that you never want to let go. The kind that breathes life into a fragile body. It was exhilarating.

As we share our delicious meal, sip wine and chat I take inventory of the restaurant. The beautiful brick walls, the feeling that wraps you in its warmth and makes you feel content. The hub Bub of the other diners all enjoying being out in the world again. I cannot explain the elation and joy.

As we exit the restaurant and move to the main event of the meeting, live theatre.. Finally! We walk to the the theatre in the crisp air, chatting our way to the the doors, past the glassed front bar with shining glasses at the ready for patrons. We push our way through the doors, and are met by a purposeful but polite door guard, asking for our vaccination cards and ID prior to entrance. Following the protocol to the T and helping to remove fear and replace with comfort. Masks are mandatory.

We proceed to our seats and get settled in. The stage is set, the lights slowly go down and the play begins. Just the excitement of seeing live actors is almost too much joy to contain in the body. The urge to jump and shout out is simmering just beneath the surface. The play is creepy, timely, filled with disinformation, angst, pain and escape. The time flew by as We became immersed in the performance.

After the conclusion we made our way to the greeting area and met with our friends again, to conclude our wonderful evening. As we parted ways and returned to our own lives, we were grateful to be alive and out in the world.

As the sun rose on the city, she peeked out the window and observed the sleeping city trying to awake from its slumber. Slowly we gather our things and exit the hotel. As we tumble out to the street, we retrieve our vehicle and head to breakfast. At one final stop in the city for a delicious Swedish breakfast we begin our exit meandering through the streets and taking in the familiar places and sites we have come to love, in our many visits to the city.

We hit the highway and cruise through the darkness that is only punched by the occasional headlight and arrive back to our life and open the door to our cottage near the river. We are greeted by our happy hopping canine babies. We settle in to the house and reality returns. We choose a movie, make the morning coffee, empty the trash and are glad to be alive.

Until Next Time,