Boo! It’s here again, the creepy sweet holiday. I have always loved Halloween. I am not exactly sure why, maybe the dressing up  and getting to be someone else for a couple of hours or the anticipation of endless candy.  Either way, I look forward to it.

I grew up in the 60’s so our costumes ran the gamut. At the beginning on the 60’s it was the coveted costume in a box. They would be in the stores, and you chose your face basically. I say that because the boxes were square, the top was clear and the mask was displayed on top of the rest of the costume. And for me the mask was the coveted possession. The mask changed your face or hid it. I remember the plastic mask that fit over your face, two eye holes and a slit for breathing. My brother and I always stuck our tongues through the hole. I recall two favorites, Cinderella and Casper the Ghost. Cinderella had blonde hair ( I did not) and perfect peach complexion ( no freckles) , and a crown. She was perfect. Casper was friendly. Good enough for me.

I can still remember the feel of the elastic on the back of your head as you donned the mask. It was exquisite to become someone else. The mask was unique as you went between houses and it became sweaty inside, you could slide it up as if it was a hat. Multitasking even then.   For me the actual costume portion was less important, it was a gown or pants you slipped on over your warm clothes and it tied at the neck, standard fare.

And Halloween was a whole day at school, a party to anticipate and the grandest tradition the Halloween parade. You put on your costume and “paraded” through the other classrooms. All to receive oohs and aahs and fool them all, they couldn’t possible know it was you behind the costume.

Finally the big event, trick or treating. In your costume with orange plastic pumpkin in hand off you go. The street is filled with the song of “Trick or Treat” with an occasional “smell my feet” by the more rowdy ones. It was a simple joyful time.

You brought your candy haul home and dumped it on the floor and the trading began between siblings and always looking for the full size candy bar. Those were never traded.

After the big night, the candy slowly disappeared some in our bellies and some in lunches and then the rest disappeared. Wise parents know when enough is enough.

I still love Halloween, and over the years I have donned a few costumes, a roaring 20’s flapper, a clown, a witch and one year …..Clint Eastwood.

I hope you find the perfect costume for your Halloween and embrace the fun of being someone else for a couple of hours.

I know I will.


Until Next Time,