What you don’t know

For Emerson.

To all the bullies of the world, the schoolyard, the bus, the playground, the lunch room, let me tell you what you don’t know.

That kid you bullied by calling him ugly, stupid, deaf as he sat next to you on the bus minding his own business.  He is a phenomenal young man, he is in the gifted program not by chance but because he is….gifted. His brain and curiosity outshine yours by leaps and bounds. He has enough heart and goodness to forgive your faults and imperfections. He is  a wonderful young man learning to be a good person.

What you don’t realize is that kid you bullied might have been able to help you understand that hard math problem or pronounce a difficult word, he might have helped you pass a grade by being your study partner. He might have had your back if someone bullied you.  Yes, his heart is that good.

Your bad behavior and childish words may have hurt him in the moment, but he doesn’t allow you more than a few tears and minute of his time. You are that unimportant and your efforts will not crush him. He will stand tall and simply reply “that was yesterday” because he knows how to forgive. Yes, he is that kind.

He might have been your companion on adventures, because his mind is wide open to life and the adventure of it all. He could have opened your mind to the possibilities of creativity, let you see within yourself. Yes, his imagination is that vast.

He might have shared a laugh with you or rode bikes when nobody wanted to hang out with you, played video games all night, he can teach you a thing or two about video games, he is the master.

He also has a temper and has been known to get in a scrap or two with his brother. He may be small but DO NOT under-estimate the power of anger, his is like a volcano oozing hot lava. And like the volcano, it stops on his terms not yours. So prepare yourself for the long haul if you anger this gentle giant. Yes, his strength is like Samson.

And don’t forget Bully, he has an army of supporters and we are watching over him, keeping him safe. We are silent sentinels until we need to be seen.

It’s a shame that you feel the need to be a bully, maybe it makes you feel good, or  because things in your house aren’t picture perfect, or maybe it’s what your parents taught you. Whatever it is, there is still time to be a better person.  NOW.

Don’t berate that kid, treat him with kindness and if you are lucky he will return it to you tenfold. His heart is big, his mind is strong, he holds forgiveness inside him, and character and strength are his middle name. He cannot be beaten by a bully. He is far too good for that. He is above that. He rises above the smallness of being a bully.

He towers over you.

Until Next Time,





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  1. Kathleen cox says:

    Very well said LMB but I don’t expect anything less

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