Talismans of Life

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the subject was the use of talismans, do we believe in their power and do they really work.

We all have talismans even if we don’t recognize it as such. Maybe it’s a baseball in a theatre dressing room or a carved elephant that a good friend gave you, or maybe an aged 4H pin from a deceased family member, a picture of a beloved friend or a symbolic rock that your Mom gave you regardless of its physical body, it’s there.

Talisman’s are defined as ” inspiring and representing, objects or people”

Like a dowry, we carry these bits of magic with us. They silently give us hope. strength and encouragement, while standing like stoic soldiers on a mantel.

So if we can get that sense of hope from an an object can the same be said for a different kind of talisman. One that is unseen but yet to some very visible

Now hear me out, perhaps if we were able to contain another’s belief as a talisman, it could be less offensive and create less angst and conflict. Perhaps it is a more calm way to address differences.

It’s the peace lover in me that longs for that type of understanding and acceptance. It causes personal grief (yes, that’s on me) when differences in belief systems cause separation and arguments, among intelligent educated people. Debate is one thing argument is another.

Personally, discord over a belief that is contrary to mine is eased by viewing it as a personal talisman. Talisman I can understand and accept without hatred and anger. Talisman are more personal and internal. I only need to accept and respect the talismans of others as their own. I don’t need to condemn their talismans or try to change them to mine, I only need to understand.

So maybe the next time you are in a heated discussion regarding a belief system of another perhaps you can shift your thinking to realize their belief is their talisman. It brings them hope and maybe a little luck.

Let them have it, as I am sure you have your own.

Until Next Time,