Two little letters that mean so much to so many.  It stands for Ingrid Brown, owner of  “Rollin B LLC” , Independent trucker, known across the entire USA, famous in her own right, and most recently, Cancer warrior. It’s the last one that i want to write about today.

Last summer she went public with her struggle. It cut me right to the heart. You see we have known each other a long time, started back in the USMC as two young women starting an adventure together. We were from different parts of the country. I had no accent and she spoke with North Carolina y’all charm. She drove a truck with a gun rack, I had never seen a gun. But yet, those differences made us friends. For life.

Life took us many lifetimes away but we never forgot each other. Marines are for life. We lost the third of our Parris Island trio in 2009. So when IB came forward with her fight, I choked. But IB never did. She took it all in stride with her regular affable nature. I was so amazed to watch her go through her treatment so publicly, and to share so others can learn and be aware. I have seen her kindness and honesty blossom into so much more.

Each new biopsy or abnormal lab, is faced smiling and with a very stylish paper gown selfie. Who does that? IB does, humor is her armor.

But what she doesn’t know or realize is that her story really helps others, people feed off her courage and that couldn’t happen if she wasn’t public in sharing her story.  I am so proud of her amazing will and her pure enjoyment of life despite her current challenges. She faces it head on and smiling that megawatt smile.

She has endured a lot of cutting and a lot of testing to stay ahead of the monster. She encourages other to be aware of their bodies and get abnormalities checked out. She is an outspoken advocate for awareness, she is a friend to everyone. There are no vacancies in her world her support network is strong and I am but a piece and proud of it.

I want her to know, that she is loved, and that strong fighting waves are headed her way, every day.  Never give up the fight, press on Marine.

Until Next time,