I was out on an evening walk with my daughter and she observed that I am in a difficult season of life.

There are many seasons to our lives and this is just another. Yes, it has been difficult, job loss, unexpected health issues, we all have them. but inside that outer lining of difficulties is the proverbial silver lining.

I choose to remember and live for that lining. To remember those things in my life that make it sterling. So as she often says “welcome to my TED talk”.

The unexpected challenges in life do not define us, they make us search harder for the goodness or maybe just take the time to acknowledge and embrace it.

Last November I lost my job. Yep, I did. The reasons or non reasons matter not. It was not the soul crushing event that it can be, I embraced the opportunity to breathe and sit back, relax and enjoy this unexpected break. I have a home, food, a car, a family and health.

So during the last 7 months, I have diligently searched for work, had a handful of non-eventful interviews and currently remain unemployed.

I have learned to be a creative cook, using leftovers to create new meals, a gardener learning to freeze my “crops” for use later, sharing my soups (thinking an all soup restaurant might be a thing), spend time with my grandkids, my 84 year old mother, paint a few rooms, chill with my dogs and be at peace.

Now while this may not sound like Nirvana to some, for me it is. I have worked since I was 15 without a break in service. To be able to sit outside or ride my bike at will, to enjoy the aroma of fresh mowed grass or the feeling of accomplishment for painting or repairing something in my home is a natural high. I have been on this adrenaline high since last November.

So because the world likes to mix things up, it threw in a few health issues in the mix. People I love are facing challenges and the best I can do is to support (yes, in my often over helpful way…sorry that’s me) maybe I drive you to a clinic for treatment or I follow the journey you are on, I over educate myself and try to learn all I can. This proactive approach helps me to be the best I can be for you.

And despite the setbacks that life has brought my way, I continue to be resilient and strong ( that’s how mom raised me) and seek that silver lining.

Yes, I wish I wasn’t driving you to a doctor appt, but I am glad that we get to spend some time together, enjoy a meal after the appointment and most importantly laugh. A lot. As they say, priceless.

Yes, I wish I was going to a job in the morning, but how many times do I get to watch you get on the bus for school? Or know that you have returned safely?

Yes, I am sorry you are ill, but when have we ever gotten to spend this much time together? To share old stories, catch up, be in the moment and laugh. Not enough.

So in a way this break was just another thing that I needed and didn’t know it. So I guess I really should probably thank my previous employer for having the foresight to provide what I needed, it’s been good.

It’s just another season. I enjoy them all.

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” — Henry David Thoreau

Until Next Time,