Why Monkey?

When I began this adventure in writing I did not sit down and ponder the perfect website name or address that would guarantee my blog would pop up to the top of the list for those searching for stunning reading material.

I went with my gut and monkey was in it . (more on that later )

After my first post I decided to “Google” myself ..The dreaded self-love or loathing in some cases needed satisfaction. I was nowhere to be found,probably lost deep in the unending list of blogs with monkey music in the names. I know who thought it would be a thing ??but it is.

I decided to take a creative angle in explaining the name.

I search the dictionary for the two words ,monkey has a few definitions and I decided to completely stay away from any definition that includes the words primate or control. Leaning more towards a mischievous person according to Oxford dictionaries online! For Muse I selected the noun version as it includes the word goddess in the definition and that in itself is too good to pass up. It also allows me to choose my goddess so I chose Euterpe, the music muse or as Wikipedia says “Giver of delight”. I guess that makes me a mischievous goddess of delight or for those that love acronyms MGD. (for children of the seventies also an acronym for a popular beer of the time).

The logical version is this, someone I love and respect used to call me “monkey”in the beginning. I am uncertain why, but I took a liking to the term of endearment. Perhaps it meant I was playful and mischievous or maybe because I was encroaching into his space,not sure and I’m not going to delve any further. ┬áHe’s always encouraged everything I’ve wanted to try or do and so when it came to taking the step to write my blog my gut said monkey musings and it became a thing.

You decide which version appeals to you and spread the meaning throughout the land or at least tell your friends!

Until next time,