Liberal Love

I am again reading all of the love notes on Facebook, the defamation, the cruelty and the ugliness. People like me are blessed with so many monikers, I can choose a different one for every day of the week. Literally.

Monday – Snowflake, Tuesday – Libtard, Wednesday – Lunatic, Thursday- Loons, Friday Morons, Saturday – Lemmings, Sunday – Bernie Bros… Such flowery talk…. I am giddy.

So, to set the record straight for anyone who might be confused, I know what I am. Compassionate, caring, loving. I care about our country, I care about the future, I care about human beings. (Notice, I didn’t specify a race, a color, a sexual preference or country of origin) simply humans. That covers it for me.

One of the biggest bones of contention is that immigration is such a clear-cut issue. It is not, I look around and see people who make disparaging comments when they see the wall of humans WALKING towards a better life. “oh it’s a welfare line.” Really? You enrage me. I feel sorry for you and pray for your black and white hearts. I hope that since you are so confident in your beliefs and the righteousness of them that you are never touched by the world of poverty, sickness and starvation. Because if you are touched by reality you may have to eat your words or at least remove the broad brush stroke of language from your vernacular. Never say never, it can touch your life at anytime. Life is funny like that.

For those who make statements using the words “ALL” and “Everyone” when describing other humans, I encourage you to be cautious. Those are broad daggers that can wound. There are no descriptive words that can apply to an entire group of people, it is an impossibility.  For every category of human has it’s good and bad. Do not push your small-minded belief on an entire population and think you have covered it.  You do not have that power.

Look around you and embrace the wealth and beauty of diversity. The world is not a one size fits all option. It is filled with beautiful humans deep, colorful, complex humans wanting to share their gifts with you. The carpet of diversity makes my world a much better place and it will improve yours if only you will open your minds to the possibilities.

I grow weary of the walls we are allowing to be built between us, it’s a glorified level of the playground pushing and shoving with the victor being the louder meaner one. Be cautious, some people store their venom for later when they need it. You must watch for the quiet ones ( didn’t your mom tell you that?)

Your name calling does not offend me, it encourages me. To stand fast to my beliefs, to raise them up and never back down, to share them, to seek out my fellow humans of like minds, band together and become a wall of hope for this damaged nation.

I believe.

Until Next Time,