Christmas Eve

In the early morning hours I sit cuddled up on my couch under a big black comforter that we found in a closet of a home we once rented. It is heavy and warm. Across the room a fire burns in the fireplace and some movie on tv keeps me company. A cup of coffee with peppermint mocha sits near by. The two human members of my house are still sleeping and my faithful companion Jessup is laying in the doorway keeping watch, even in his declining years he is our guardian, like it or not. The snow arrived on time, it blankets the ground outside and it is Christmas morning.

We had our family celebration last night, complete with homemade tamales, pozole and margaritas. This was one of the best, their happiness warms my heart. It’s not the gifts, its their pure joy. It’s watching a 2 year-old discover Elsa on her paper and knowing that all the Elsa wrapped gifts are hers. It’s watching her exclaim, before she even opens it “I love it!” It’s watching a 9 year-old exclaim excitedly at finally getting THE present he wanted or a 7 year- old telling me that “grandma you got us the wrong game, we don’t have a Wii” only to discover a few minutes later they do have a Wii, and seeing that 13 year-old smile, period. Even the big kids got a couple small surprises. And sharing that with all of them . Watching from the wings or in the center of the activity soaking up the pleasure it is perfect. Life is good.

At this time of year, I think of Christmas past, present and future. Christmas at my brothers house with enchiladas and tostadas. My Dad hurriedly shoving a Christmas envelope your way  followed with the words “ It’s a little something”. Waiting for a present from England, loving my Beezer book and Cadbury sweets. Christmas is a magical time, lose yourself in the simple magic. A snowy morning, a cup of cocoa with melting marshmallows, the sound of wrapping paper tearing, the beautiful quiet of a night with fresh snow. The melody of voices in your kitchen, a crazy dance with your babies, grab them all.

The moments of our life that we share with other humans are irreplaceable snippets of life. Live them all.  Intertwine yourself with as much of life as you can handle.  Observe the laughs, the amazement and the love around you.  It’s an intoxicating gift.

Make some new memories and cherish the past. Merriest of Christmas my friends!

Until Next time,