MJ and so much more

My oldest granddaughter is 14 and she loves music, all kinds of music. She says things like Billy Joel is the best, and did you hear the new rap song, love me some country and she can often be heard belting Man in the Mirror while getting ready for school. So it was a no brainer when an announcement popped up on my FB feed. “No Sweat Productions – Michael Jackson” 8-11, $15.00 admission. No way.  So we bought 3 tickets and set off on her self- proclaimed clubbing adventure.

The performance space was a small local venue that I had driven past many times but never visited. I too love live music and wanted to share this with her.  The venue know as RME was delightful, small with a full bar, a few tables and a smallish stage at one end. It is home to eclectic music tastes like Gaelic Storm, Pokey Lafarge, Portland Cello Project and more. It is a learning, playing, watching environment, unique and wonderful.

As we walked up the stairs to the hall, it was an easy access, Ari was marked with a black pen ( his marker was missing) and the guidance “Don’t drink ok?” . We laughed and went in. They were playing some great 80’s tunes prior to the start of the event, the kind you can’t help but sing along. Much to her initial dismay, I was singing and dancing. Oh the humanity.

The performance began right on time with a smiling man in a dark suit coat and white shirt, his energy and smile were infectious. They were both outdone by his voice. He shared the stage with 10-11 other musicians and singers. They flowed smoothly from song to song, there was no dead air at all. It was a wonderful time. Music, videos, dancers and dance lessons…we all learned the Thriller dance, impossible to perform with a jam-packed room but fun just the same. When Thriller came on there was a surprise, through the audience came someone dressed like a werewolf and wearing a Rock Island Rocks Jacket ( A local high school), the crowd ate it up.. There were local hip hop dancers mixed in for the fun of  it, you can learn more about them below is  link to their FB page. It was well put together and FUN!

One of the side benefits that I noted in this culture of hatred and racism that we are living in currently, was that it was a room filled with many races and genders. There were entire families who came to see their son dance on the stage, there were little ones dancing and grooving to the tunes. All together and all united having a blast and enjoying the tunes of one amazing performer, the late Michael Jackson.

That scene gives me hope that we are not as divided as we seem, there are positive loving people in this world, I saw them the other night. The show closed with “Man in the Mirror”, my granddaughters favorite and everyone in the crowd was singing loud and waiting to shout the chorus ” No message could be any clearer, if you wanna make this world a better place, Take a look at yourself and make a change”

It is true, it’s starts with you.

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