Take a Stand, or remain seated?

I am at a loss. Another senseless, preventable tragedy of the innocents.

What will it take for this nation to step up and do the right thing and ban assault weapons , invoke gun regulations, red line should be mandatory and save lives. It could not be simpler.

And yet, it doesn’t happen. And more lives are lost, over and over and over.

Then what do we do?

We discuss, we analyze, we determine but we DO NOT ACT.

We do not take ACTION to make change.

We give excuses why it isn’t simple and why we won’t take ACTION

And while we are busy analyzing people are dying needlessly

So maybe we aren’t the nation we think we are in our disillusioned mind?

But a nation of selective action when it serves a few.

Nothing to be proud of here


We have an opportunity to catch up with the world and create a safer country, but we don’t ACT.

We have armed security in grocery stores, NOT SCHOOLS


Self Checkouts need protection and not Children? Teachers? Family? Friends?

What does that say about us as a nation, that money is the most valuable commodity?

What will you do if our world chose to protest like France?

You can’t put everyone in jail.

If the decision makers are hit where it is most painful, perhaps you could grab their attention

And force them to ACT.

You think this country is in a recession now?

It can get so much worse.

We have the power as a nation to let our lawmakers know what we want and expect from them. They are our voice and we should be heard.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, do I let the few speak for me or do I take control of my choices and fight back.

What stops this nation you ask? Don’t shop, don’t work, Spend as little money as possible, that stops them in their tracks. Make them listen through your actions.

Be like France, stand up and say No. TAKE ACTION.


What will you do?