13 and nails

Currently, I am sitting in the nail salon with my newly 13 Year old granddaughter and my oldest daughter, awaiting our pampering. It’s a full house today..lots of clients and technicians. I am silently in my head providing stories for each guest. The older blond at the end of the line of pedicure chairs, dressed in hot pink with a hot pink phone cover to match. Next to her a young girl, apparently meditating her way through the pedicure by the young Asian man in the ball cap with the words “sanyan army “on the side. A smattering of middle aged women all getting our paws and claws. Seven technicians in all, but demand isn’t meeting supply. The owner is gracious and attentive to those waiting for service. It’s  a Saturday so I don’t mind a bit.

The youngest client is my granddaughter, a new teenager just 2 days ago. We are getting the mani and pedi treatment.She tried to negotiate acrylics or gels but Gma stood firm..shellac on your nails only. This monumental shift from 12 to 13 is a game changer, for the girl. It was announced daily since Christmas with great anticipation.The goal is to make it memorable.

Today is celebration day starting with our visit here..then on to dinner and finally a hotel for a night of swimming and merriment!

I wish I could channel her optimism and zest for life and bottle it. The angst and turmoil that goes on in a teenage being is for the moment cowering and her elation has taken its place.  She has arrived..a teenager at last.

As uncertain as the future is, it is a joy to see it through fresh eyes filled with hope.As adults we sometimes lose our youthful exuberance and replace it with disdain and contempt. My belief is that robs us in many ways.what a shame to forget how to enjoy the little things. A melting ice cream cone running down your face, jumping in a puddle,pushing a shopping cart through the parking lot and jumping on for a ride and winter in Midwest feeling the wind kiss your cheeks full of life.

So readers try to grab some of that joy for yourself and rejoice in the simplicity of youth. Do something childish , if it reminds you to retain your childlike qualities, then you are a success in my book.

Until next time,