So it is nearly August and to say that life has changed is an understatement. Since May 16, has been a whirlwind of activity in our little part of the universe.

I have heard out of the mouths of babes during summer break, ” I am so bored”.. So that led me on an analysis of my boring summer. And it isnt over yet.

The good, May 16th roadtripping with my oldest to see her crush… Kenny Chesney in Des Moines. Great fun! Event lost power ( another stormy night) and the aftermath looked like a bad movie but the Casey’s survived and was open. My youngest and her beau came to spend the summer. Her childhood friend got married on a beautiful afternoon that turned into a spectular stormy night. some of us went to Alpine Valley for a Dave Matthews fest , Prospero ushered in the 2019 Genesius Guild season and Ecclesiazusae ushered it out. Went to my first book signing, thank you Elin Hilderbrand for your sunny disposition and your beach getaways, saw Phil Vassar perform at the Rust Belt (what a fabulous venue and a great night!), discovered a new brewery (Crawford) and visited our favorite Radicle Effects a few times.Watched a few games of old guy softball (they still got it), retired from my career and began searching for another, learned to wake up without an alarm clock, stayed asleep till 730! Binge watched some Big Little Lies and fell in love with the very soapy Poldark (swoon). Sat in the comfy Theatre seats with my love to disappear into “Yesterday” and began yet another furniture refinishing project (currently in progress), 60 year class birthday parties ( Class of 77), Spent time pondering the beach getaway and the ocean missing from my life. Sleepovers, visiting with family and food.. Lots of food. July 27th, dropped my daughter back to Chicago for the trip back to her home in Alaska ( I plan on going there in the coldest of winter…I want to dogsled and stand on a glacier)

It’s a lot when you see it in print.

So when you feel that you do nothing but work, reevaluate. It is the small things that make a life. Not the big things .

All those little things slowly build into one big thing, a big beautiful thing, your life.

Enjoy yours, I can wait to see what happens in the Fall.

Until Next Time,



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