Storms & Senior Perks

August 20, 2019

Today is storming and I am sitting in the dark listening to the storm. I love a good storm. Something about the rumble of the thunder and the crack of the lightning that invigorates the senses and transports me to places in my mind.

So much on my mind these days. After a whirlwind summer filled with visitors and unexpected change that is simply life happening on its own terms, we were beat.

Last evening after a long day filled with more news, both good and bad a break was needed. We headed to grab a bite and see a late show (9:20) at the theater. An unexpected date night.

Now I should note that around these parts 9:20 is LATE for grabbing a bite to eat. Nearly everything is closed by 9 with the exceptions of fast food places. So we are those customers, in the door @ 850. My guy and I have different opinions on the meaning of closing times on the doors. He says ” it isn’t 9 they are open” I say “It’s almost 9 let’s get it to go” So this time we get it to go. The food stop is being run by 3 young women, which doesn’t seem safe to me, but I am probably just overprotective, I have daughters and granddaughters. So we take our food to go and pull into the cinema parking lot.

Our cinema is located near the picturesque location of Walmart and Lowe’s. As we enter the lobby the theater is virtually empty, so quiet and a sign politely directs us to the concession stand to purchase tickets. Where we are greeted by a young man who handles our ticket purchase and movie snacks. He is a nondescript teen, dark hair, longish bangs on one side, dark eyes peeking out from under the fringe of his hair, slight acne and a bit awkward. As he gets our popcorn and beverages I glance up at the register screen and realize our tickets are priced as SENIORS! I do a double take, thinking he must have made an error, as he didn’t ask, he assumed we were.

My gut reaction was to notify my guy “we are seniors…look at the register” I was aghast that he was so presumptuous as I never feel like a senior and I do not see us that way. My guys reaction? From his heart..”I have waited for this moment all my life.” This really explains the acceptance of having reached the age of senior perks. He embraced it (like he does everything in the moment) and I was checking the website to determine at what age you receive “senior ticket price” at that theater. It is 60 which neither of us are! The error was proved, unfortunately I wasn’t sure if I should feel happy or sad about the fact that a senior is 60 and we needed no ID or confirmation, it was obvious to him.

So of course, I must dissect it further and try to form my own conclusion on why this young clerk decided that we deserved a senior discount. Maybe it was because it was a late show on a Monday evening and only seniors have that kind of time, or perhaps we looked tired, or the color of our hair (my guy sports a lovely silver mane), or perhaps because we inadvertently were both wearing sweaters in a matching burgundy (that’s what old people do right? Accidentally dress alike?) when it is 82 degrees out because the theater gets cold. All valid reasons, I suppose.

My quick gut reaction was I was offended by the thought that we were presumed to be 60! Which was soon reversed to cool we got a discount. So maybe just maybe as I approach 60 (I have 14 months) I will learn to embrace these little gifts, not be offended by them. It is a badge of honor to be allowed to be 60, some do not reach that pinnacle in life.

It is merely a number, it is how you feel inside and out that truly determine your age, so most days I am in my late 30’s but on some occasions I am 60. I am and will always be young at heart!

Until Next Time,



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