In my family it is well know that I love clothes and shoes. Always have always will. My style is definitely not classic, but more eclectic, which to me means if I like it I wear it.

I think that my Mom started it, she dressed me in the cutest things, dresses with jackets and bonnets.. she always said “you were the only kid who could fill out her tights” I think that meant I was a big baby,  yes I was… and yes, still do.

As we were all looking back at family photos awhile back, for me it was like a memory lane fashion show.  In my younger years I had dresses with matching scarves, then came the late 60’s, I had a quilted maxi dress, bright orange and yellow.. don’t we wish we all had those now??? I know some of you do. I would look at every picture and exclaim “I loved that outfit” and I truly did.

I loved the fabrics, the colors, the patterns. It all spoke to me. Loudly. On to high school and the 70’s…..POLYESTER had arrived. Wild patterns, bell bottoms, hip huggers, platforms shoes ( yes, I am 5’7″!), yarn ribbons in our hair, long straight hair (mine was straightish). Oh the 70’s the guys in my class had these jeans they had woven pockets, the silky shirts, the hair and the platform shoes. What a glorious time.

And then the 80’s arrived, bigger hair, more product and lot’s of glittery, sequined, big shoulder stuff. Not my favorite era clothes wise but they made a statement. Perms arrived in full force ( why???) yes i have photographic proof that I partook in that ritual, numerous times. It was really silly, I have thick hair, thick permed hair that became “Sammy Hagar” hair, that at least once i was told “I can’t see the movie through your hair”…I was a success, it was  big. And ridiculous. And those bangs..a life of their own. We kept the Aqua net peeps in business.

Oh I remain eclectic in style forever. I wear things that make my grandchildren roll their eyes and my daughters give me a backhanded compliment like “only you can pull that off” Thank you very much.

I find the oddest piece of clothing with a unique detail and it must be mine. I can make it work and I do. And if it doesn’t work.. I wear it anyway, it works for me.

It’s been a long love affair for me and one that i plan to carry on for the rest of my life.

What’s your style animal?

Until Next Time,











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