Some Days

You wakeup and that’s enough. Then you have a hot cuppa coffee and you chill a little bit with your sweet girl. As you go out for the morning walk with your dog you notice the vibrantly colored tree and the perfection of the sun as it peeks through the leaves. And you realize it’s going to be a good day.

I like to think that the day I was born was a beautiful fall day just like today. I don’t know but I like to think that is why I love fall so much. For me it signifies another successful trip around the sun. I love the change of seasons, the transition into darkness. Crisp air, blue skies that never end and a sharpness and clarity to the world.

As I transition from driving in the light, to traveling in the dark, I am reminded how beautiful sunrise is in my rearview mirror. Priceless. The vibrant red  and orange streaks of daylight dancing across the horizon welcoming us to a new day, a new dawn. I encourage you to stop and admire a beautiful sunrise as often as you can, it will leave you breathless.

Of course I am partial to the ones in my mirror, but grab them anywhere you can. I think fall embraces change, some think it’s Spring but I think it’s Fall.  It gives us a time to reflect and feel reborn.

Every Fall I feel energized and goal driven. I feel a sense of newness about the earth. Maybe it’s the crispness of the air, or the darkness that wraps around us.  It is invigorating.

Today was no exception, I spent a quiet day by myself with Nedda my sweet Australian. We hung a medicine cabinet and watched some movies. It was chill and much-needed alone time. This afternoon I got together with the people I love to celebrate.

There was pizza, discussions, there were visitors from afar  Alaska on Skype and Rantoul in person. We shared new journey’s and laughed about times gone by, but most importantly, we were together.  Our family, by choice and by blood. We combine the best of it all and we are awesome.  So to Mom’s 81 trips around the sun and my 58, life has been pretty damn good.

As I now sit here in the darkness watching the end of a movie and listening to the soft hum of my sleeping guy, I realize what a perfect Fall day looks like, just like today.

Until Next Time,



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