North Pole

That’s where I will be getting postcards from this year. My youngest child boarded a plane and flew off to the wilds of Alaska to have herself an adventure. Ok, so she is not exactly pitching a tent and building a bear proof smoke house (yet) but she is moving to Fairbanks, AK. For us in the Midwest that is about as far away as it gets. Did you know you can fly to Europe faster than Alaska?

Since the announcement came that she was moving we have learned much about that state up North. It was purchased from Russia, she is now closer to Russia than the lower 48. It take 58 hours to drive there on the one highway that exists and yes, it goes through Canada. There are wet and dry cabins. It took me a bit to understand, my first thought was “are they telling me up front that it floods?” As it turns out, no. They are telling me the bathroom is outside, no running water.  Yes, she won’t be living there. Not that kind of adventurer.

She will be spreading those wings, the ones I tried so very hard to never clip. So off she goes in the big bird this morning. Off to explore the world, as it should be.

As I sit in my sunroom watching the sun come up and peek in and out of the clouds, I hope she is looking at the same sun, just for a lot longer currently. There will be many adjustments to be made during this adventure, on both sides of northern border that now separates us. We will learn different ways to communicate and remain close. She will learn to stand on her own. We will learn to treasure our time together as the visits will be few. We will come to love Skype, Facetime and maybe even use the telephone for it’s intended purpose. We will live vicariously through her adventures and grow to love the state as well. Most importantly, we will watch her grow and change.

I wish for my daughter a wonderful experience, Grow, explore and enjoy this new state. Get outside your comfort zone, see a Bear ( from a window), go dog mushing ( I will when I visit), learn to fish, hike, travel this big vast beautiful place. Climb the ice waterfalls (if you dare), visit the ice museum, sit in Chena Springs and absorb the magic of the Northern lights every time you can.

We love you, wish you success, happiness and warmth.



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