Park Dancing

Summertime around our town means music. Lots of live music. My mother loves to listen to music all kinds of music. I mean she has a route and a team of fellow listeners. We called them groupies back in my younger years but that is not what these ladies are, they are music appreciators.

So this past Monday I was having a really crappy day ( that’s my judgement) and I was telling my mom about it. She really couldn’t relate to the situation I was telling her about, but she is always a good ear.

So she said to me “we are going to listen to music in the park tomorrow”. “you could come, I will buy you pie and ice cream if you want.” So Mom laid the invitation on the table and there it sat. The decision was mine.

Generally, I don’t do much in the evenings, I have a long commute and long day so I usually just chill. But I told her maybe. (that’s as good as it gets from me, it’s almost a yes).

So I am driving home and I decide I will go.  After dinner I head to the park, It’s a favorite of mine, big, lots of trees and it always seems to be 20 degrees cooler in the park. This particular night was a hot humid one so it was a little sticky out, thank goodness for the trees.  As I drove through, I was surprised at the number of cars, it was quite a turnout. I rounded the bend and pulled my car up against the curb, okay it took a couple of manuevers to get it right…and grabbed my chair out of the back and went to find mom.

As I walked up the hill, I noticed a van from a nearby senior living community and lots of people. I walked along the back looking for mom but didn’t see her. Then I sent her a text but at the same moment spotted her head, bent down texting me. I quietly snuck up behind her and said “hi!” She was sitting with two other women that she quickly introduced me to and then we started to watch the Josh Duffey Orchestra. As I sat listening to the first song, I was entranced. It was like seeing a dance band from another time. The bandleader introduced each song with a bit of the history behind it and then they begin to play. It was two rows of horns, an upright bass, a keyboard and Josh on drums. Now to say he was on the drums is an understatement , his drums are painted like a fine oil masterpiece which matches the music that comes out of them.

As we sat there getting lost in the moment and journeying through the 20’s 30’s 40’s was just the cure I needed. Sitting under the dark twinkling sky with a slight breeze in the air, the music gently echoing in the night air and into our souls. It was amazing.

Halfway in the band took a short break and we strolled over ( that’s what you do on a night like this one) to the pavilion where they were selling pies whole or by the slice. Since it was such a low turnout (I thought it was a big one but heard otherwise) they were selling pies for $5 each, so you know I got a whole strawberry rhubarb pie. I felt like I was an extra in the movie “Pollyanna” music in the park, pie, ice cream, popcorn.

As we made our way back to our seats, we had a little bit of time to chat with her friend Marcy. She is in her 90’s and going strong and she decided for the price..she needed a pie too! Her choice was peach.

As we sat and listened to the last half of the performance, the dancers were really kicking up their heels, silhouettes of a time gone by against the night sky. It has always been a favorite joy of mine to watch people who know how to dance and the dancers of Lincoln Park definitely got it going on. I really couldn’t decide what was more enjoyable watching the band, the dancers or all the smiling faces in the audience that were transported via music to a time when they were young.

The orchestra ended the night with “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and that is how I felt for two hours on a Tuesday night in August.

Thank you Mom.

Until next time,



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