Jeany explained

July 11, 2019

Do our names help define who we are and who we will become? If we are named strong names will it reinforce our internal strength to know that we carry that in our name DNA? If we have a popular name of the time in which we are born, perhaps it will make us more popular?

In reality names are just another word in the English language, we use pseudonyms to protect ourselves or to create an alter ego. Some people change their names, some people go by their middle names instead of the first name, some go by the last name only. Some choose initials, some choose symbols for a name. It is open for discussion and freedom of choice.

I have long gone by LJ in my writings. But I have decided to change it up a bit for my writing (new part of life, fresh beginnings seemed to call for a refreshed name, at least for writing purposes).

There is a brief story (which is the explanation) I have a cousin that for all of my life has called me “Jeany”. My middle name is Jean and why she chose to use my middle name is unknown to me, but she has always called me by that name. I have always kinda liked it and have decided to adopt it as my moniker for my writing.

It probably sounds a little crazy to some, I mean after all I have a perfectly good first name that I have been going by all these years why change now. It really isn’t change as much as embracing a part of my given name. Shining a little spotlight on the long ignored middle name.

I know people who go by their middle names and my Dad’s family was full of pseudo names so maybe it is in my genes. These are crazy times, and while it may sound odd to some, I am going to try it out and see how it feels. Thanks for playing along.

So welcome my alter ego for writing…. Jeany

Until Next Time,



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