Pet Friendly

Hello Readers! No I didn’t vanish just have been consumed with the arduous painful task of decision-making. I have made a conscious decision to  move. Yes, because it is a great way to clear out unneeded stuff and fun. Okay maybe not the second half. Moving is never fun.

This will be the 3rd move since 2015. All personal choice. As I inch closer to retirement eligible ( doesn’t mean I will) I need to live more simply. I am starting with housing, the rest will follow.

So I began the search. I am not looking for perfection but I do have some requirements. The biggest hurdle I have is pet friendly. I have a twelve year-old Border Collie, he goes where I go, no exceptions. To say it is difficult to find a decent rental that is pet friendly and doesn’t charge a prohibitive pet fee is difficult to say the least. I find the area where I live to be very unaccomodating in that arena.

It is amazing to me the number of properties that sit empty either due to a no pet rule or elevated rent. None the less I press on with my search. I have been actively looking for about 3 months and the challenges I have encountered are pet friendly, but that is actually topped by non responsive companies or owners. To those that do reach out, I say thank you. To those that do not, you are passing by a great tenant.  I have rented my entire adult life, I care for my home as if I did own it. I fix things, paint things and return my domicile back to the owner, in move in shape. Pride in renting.

I have done drive by’s of addresses that from the images look amazing only to find out, photos are crafted by an artist of illusion who turns mediocre into fabulous through the magic of lighting and angle. Or it is such a hovel that mice wont live there.  I have visited some that are affordable and unique, but not pet friendly. I have called even when it says not pet friendly, just to be sure. I have been disappointed by pet friendly cats only. I have been informed my dog is too large, if only he weighed 35 lbs or less, leaving me to wonder if they have weight limits on people too. I have been lured by a great place only to have the excessive fees revealed in passing at the end of the visit in a casual way as if it was simply a mention.

And still I persist ( I am a diehard ) I never give up. I have viewed no character complexes, crazy old houses with uniqueness overflowing, houses with tenants still in them who didn’t get the memo and picked up nothing, I literally walked through a home kicking my way through the clothes and underwear on the floor. Nice showing.  Lucky I have vision for what could be!

Another obstacle is flexibility in showing times. I work an hour from where I live and don’t get home till after 6. Most owners are not flexible and definitely do not show on weekends. I am as flexible as I can be with my schedule and they need to be flexible too, after all you want to rent it right?

I am a believer, I will find the right place at the right time, I just hope it’s soon, my lease is ending soon. Plus, anyone who loves toting boxes send me an PM.

Until next time,




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