Unexpected Circumstance – or 1:15 am

I woke from sleep a bit ago and can seem to get back to sleep. Everything I have ever read says get up until you can go back to sleep. So, I am up pondering the world.

COVID is still lurking, many friends and family just in the last few days are turning up with the fiend. Unruly children in our schools, frustrated teachers, sick pets, elderly family, it’s all an overthinkers paradise or hell.

I find myself in a moment to moment world, it’s the only way I can live right now. In this moment I am awake, sitting in the dark on my couch typing away. I quietly awoke and exited my bedroom where I was very cozy and toasty warm, to the living room where a noticeable temperature change is always present, no matter what season it is outside. The rain sings a steady rhythm to my thoughts providing a gentle background of sound. I curl up with my blanket and begin to put my crazy thoughts on paper. Virtual paper but paper none the less.

One dog lies quietly sleeping in his crate while the other lies quietly on the floor by the bed. I think of the goodness in every day, today was filled with good coffee, a brief interaction at a local bakery with an Air Force Veteran. The bakery gives a veterans discount and I reminded the clerk to include mine. The gentleman says ” you or him?” “It’s me” I reply “definitely not him”. He follows with ” I was in the Air Force” “So, was my Dad”, he says ” I was probably out before you every went in, I got out in 1975. ” ” A little before me” I thanked him for his service and went on my way.

That entire interaction would not have occurred if circumstance had not intervened. It was a work from home day, I had 1/2 hour before start time and decided to get a coffee. I hopped in my car and headed up the hill only to be stopped by a train. While I was waiting on the train, my husband phoned, he forgot his badge for work. I turned around and headed back to the house to retrieve it and drive it up to the school, on the way I decided to stop at the bakery and grab him a cookie for a treat later in the day. That’s where I met the veteran. I drove up to the school and he couldn’t come out, so I had to go in. So after accessing the building with the help of the numerous students standing in the attendance line, I entered the office. I was warmly greeted and told ” it is nice to put a name with a face, he talks about you often” Another moment that would never have happened if all the other unexpected circumstances had not .

I guess the message is to be aware of the unexpected and embrace it. I could have been upset with the train, or not circled back to help out my husband or not stopped at the bakery all would have directly affected my day and had different results.

But instead of frustration, I simply went with the moment and wrapped it in a warm hug. I didn’t worry that I was going to be late to start my day I just did it. And was glad I did. It provided a pleasant beginning to the day full of unexpected circumstances.

Isn’t that what life is? unexpected circumstances? I hope you find yours, everyday.

“But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I’ve come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current.” Carre Otis

Until Next Time,



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