Saturday Morning

So it’s early on a Saturday and I have been up since 5 as my dogs Buxley and Nedda decided that was the waking hour. I don’t mind I actually like the peace. It’s my thinking time. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. The dogs are now asleep again after being fed/ watered and let out. The hounds of hell that live across the way are not yet up arousing the neighborhood and the coffee is warm and fresh. My husband is asleep along with most of the civilized world. But I am up. I may second sleep in a bit, who knows.

I love this time of day watching darkness turn to light and pondering all the possibilities of the day. I think today I will work on the table downstairs that I have been wanting to refinish. But for now, I am just reveling in the the weight of my sweet boy laying next to me who now takes up most of the couch but is kind enough to leave me a cushion. he lays his head on my feet as I am curled up on my cushion. This is love. I love it, he loves it.

At the moment I am thinking about love and the languages of love. No not the ones outlined in the very popular book, but those that our loved ones demonstrate to us every day. Human or animal form we need to receive love each day. There are so many ways to show love, it’s up to you to recognize it as love and accept the the gift.

My day starts with love. I love my dogs and am aware of their needs, so I get up and let them out. My love continues as I feed them. Once they are done eating they love me back with snuggles and cuddles. I love my husband and he loves me. He works so hard for us, he does it without complaining or regret. He loves through being a provider for the two of us. He would give you his last dime and never think twice about it. He loves through providing, something I am sure he learned from his gpa, who he loves to emulate.

Some people love through time, others through presence, some love through food, or through gifts. And each kind is perfectly great because they are all done with heart.

Children seem to love through time, time to play games or read to them. Sitting and talking with them. Children seem to have all the time in the world and when you give them your time, the result is amazing.

Older adults often love with presence. Just being there with them, watching TV, lunch, making the time to to be together. They live in the now, because it ‘s what they have.

I definitely love through giving, whether it’s food, time or action. I am a giver. I give to the world and often there is no time left for me. So when I get time I enjoy it and make the most of it. I try to always have my mind and heart open to accept the love I am given.

Just today, I have been given love.

  1. the sun rose
  2. hot coffee
  3. dog snuggles
  4. a home
  5. breakfast – self love right there!
  6. a soft blanket with matching pillows
  7. a good book to read
  8. fresh air

and it’s only 7 am… This day is going to be fabulous!

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” – Rupi Kaur


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