September 5

Another summer has passed through this Midwestern Valley unscathed. As we approach that crisp season of sweaters and boots, bonfires, chili and yes pumpkin. Let us not forget, the beauty of a summer day.

For me personally, I didn’t ride as much as I would like, nor spend as much time feeling the warm sun on my face. it wasn’t a traditional summer but it was memorable none the less.

It was a summer filled with firsts. Ours actually began in April with a long awaited trip to NYC, where we attended a Broadway opening night, followed by a second play with the original cast from 25 years previous. This was followed by a triumphant return home to the Midwest and a beginning of a whirlwind of events. There were medical appointments, surgeries, recoveries, weddings, visitors from across the country, job searches, interviews, COVID, employment, a triumphant return to baseball (Congratulations Junkyard Dawgs!), backyard fire pits and s’mores galore. It was a plethora of the usual, neighborhood fireworks, yard sitting, bbq eating, sunset watching summer.

It is always sort of sad to say goodbye to summer, it’s like that sunshiny friend who is always ready for adventure. I however have always been Fall. I love summer, but sometimes she is too much.. The anticipation, the build up.. the expectation and then bam… gone.

Fall is more earth tones, more calm than summer. Fall is crisp air, warm fires and cozy all around. It’s like fall is telling summer… calm down, party is over, see you next year. Then summer pumps back up for Indian summer, before totally disappearing into the campfire smoke for the last time.

Once fall settles in for good, we just really want to stay there for a long time, at least I do.

I love the crunch of Fall, the scents of fall. The joys only fall can bring. I mow grass all summer but mowing grass in the fall is different, it’s crisper, the scent is stronger and the pleasure is higher. Love the colors of fall, as Mother Nature turns the world from green to amber. Magical things happen in the fall as we transition from baseball to football, swimming pools to fire pits, cotton candy skies to crisp star laden nights, brats to chili and air conditioning to fresh breezes.

It’s a truly glorious time. So thank you for another summer in the books and bask in the beauty of Fall.

Grab a sweatshirt and go for a hike.

Until Next Time,



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