Summer Rain

It’s 430 am, early on a Friday morning and I am awakened by lightening strikes outside with a bit of a rumble and then the rain begins. My dog is restless and now I am awake. Natures song continues with a dull roar, nothing too wicked just a good old fashioned Midwest thunderstorm, then a loud crack breaks the night.

As I peer out my window into the darkness through the rain drops on the window, I see two people walking at the end of the street under an umbrella. Abruptly one of them jerks the umbrella, and turns away, the other walks off in the rain. I suspect it is the couple from down the street, I frequently see them walking together. I do not know their names, but cannot help ponder what would make you that angry that you would walk out in the middle of a rainstorm at 430 am with no protection, but that’s me.

Its not a bad storm but it’s a bit noisy. My dog Nedda sits panting at my feet a little jittery but just happy remaining close to Mama. Since I am up, the coffee is brewing earlier than normal, and I decided to enjoy the morning and get ready for work slowly. Ah the leisure of it all.

I do enjoy a lounging morning with coffee, workday or not. The smell of the brewing coffee and the luxury of pouring a cup, grabbing my favorite blanket , a dog and snuggling on the couch watching the day begin. I am an early morning lover for sure. The quiet of the morning wraps itself around me as I see the slow stream of cars begin their day and head towards town. It’s the most delicious time of day.

It’s been a roller coaster week. So many emotions in 7 days. Glad it’s Friday. The rain is needed. We have farmer’s praying for it. It’s funny how quickly we forget. As I was listening to the rain and watching it cling to the window, I thought we haven’t had rain in ages, but had conveniently forgotten the Spring when it couldn’t stop raining for what seemed like weeks.

I think that at the moment that something bad is happening is the worst of it. Our anxiety levels are elevated, our fear in high gear, but when we look back later as we are past the event and can look at it with calm the perspective changes. Just like this storm, when it awoke me I thought this is going to be a doozy. I was concerned for members of my family on a week long camping trip and especially for the one who doesn’t like storms. I am counting on their short memories and that now they are back to enjoying camp, the storm a thing of the past. Hoping their only concern is what is for breakfast.

And now, 20 minutes later the rumbling sky is being replaced with a blue clear morning with a few remnants of thunder and a random lightening bolt in the distance. It has dwindled down to a memory of the rain and a few extra sounds as it sings it’s last notes.

What’s that they say? It’s darkest before the dawn? True. That is the magic of a new morning, watching our sleeping world in the quiet darkness transition to to a shiny new day with blue skies and renewed hope.

May your day be filled with good things and renewed enjoyment of the little things.

Until Next Time,



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