The Window

The quiet hum of the space heater and a hilariously funny dog named Pippa laying to my right with her head tucked neatly between the file cabinet and the shoe stand. In front of me is a clear rectangle, a vision of something that is not pre-programmed, streaming or otherwise. It is my window to the world.

My space, my office, it’s a collect all, not dedicated to just one function in the household. It’s mostly my office, but also my closet, Marc’s dressing room, a plant room and window on our world.

It faces the Mississippi River almost at the bend where the river goes East and West instead of North and South. It has a somewhat obstructed view there are a few wires and the water treatment plant (referred around these parts as the poo factory), but from up here on the hill I can look right over the obstructions and see the river.

The window is comforting and provides a much needed distraction from the challenges of working at home. Today a winter storm is brewing and it has arrived as promised by the local meteorologists. it moved quickly from wintry mix to full on snow coming down quickly in a rainstorm fashion. the yard is taking most of it on, it doesn’t seem to be sticking to the street. The salt truck drove by a few minutes ago, but didn’t seem to put any down on our street.

From the window I have come to understand the term “bird on a wire” as they congregate on the wire outside the window very frequently, currently about 25 just hanging out in the snow storm. Until the Hawk arrives and then they scatter giving space, it’s the unspoken language of birds I guess. they all keep their distance, instinctively. If we are really lucky we will be treated to an eagle or a deer to join the nature party.

On a quiet morning you can hear the train chug chug chugging down the track, it’s a comforting sound in these parts. The train just seems to meander through our mostly flat countryside and the sound bounces off the houses and businesses along the track. In the Spring you can see the walkers and the bike riders on the bike path from the window, makes one long for Spring.

But today it is a vision in white. The kind that makes you look at it from the inside, gratefully. But hoping those actually out driving in it return home safe from the days adventures. As the snow continues to fall it hugs the back of the rarely used basketball hoop with the broken net and has nearly covered the Christmas trees laid in the garden for the animals (according to article I read) and the street is becoming a pathway in white. So yes, it is coming down. But in stark contrast is the big green leaves of the peace lily in front of the window that seems to stretch it’s leaves and snuggle against the cold window as if to say, I am still growing.

Me too. As I leave my window break for the day and return to my computer and grab yet another cup of coffee, I am grateful for the solitude of the room and the gently falling snow.

What do you see out your window?

Until Next Time,



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