20 minutes

I opened the front door and I stepped outside, and was greeted by the frigid Midwest January air and bright sunshine. Wearing a parka made for Alaska, mittens and a hat, I headed out for a walk with my 5 year old granddaughter and two Australian Shepards Pippa and Nedda. Little did I know how much the world would have changed when I stepped back in.

It was January 6, 2021, our year was new and hopeful. It was the day we as a nation had been hoping for, election certification day. We were one step closer to the end of a four year reign of terror. I was full of hope for a smooth transition, my political educator and life companion was expecting the worst or at least a rabble. I decided to walk the dogs to escape for 20 minutes or so.

And so we went, Nadia and I enjoying the break and talking about the dogs and “skating” on the patches of ice we would find along the way. it was pure, lovely and innocent. As we made our way back home and the cold air hit our faces and kissed our cheeks with color it was a perfect January day.

When I stepped back in the house, Marc was standing in front of the TV staring at a special news report from DC that “protestors” has stormed the Capitol and were trying to take over the Senate floor. I felt sick. I walked by straight into my office, I needed a minute to process this news. I sat at the chair, gathered my wits and walked back into the living room. I watched the news report. I was angry, hurt, sickened all in one wide scathing swoop.

It took me two weeks and working with some other writers to discover what is really was about that day that hurt me so much. It hurt me as a citizen of this country, as a Marine, as a grandmother, as a believer in the democratic process. the pain was searing. As I stood riveted to the screen, I was in physical pain. Our country had been in pain for 4 years and finally the pain was going to be relieved through the use of the democratic process as it always had before.

It wasn’t about the person who instigated it, not that day. It was about those people who thought that was the way to make a difference. To see the center of our democracy treated so disrespectfully, made me sick to my stomach.

It was really about pain and hope. The pain that our world is in an ugly place in history, overtaken by lies, deceit and division. That we as a nation reached a precipice and those people intended to put their flag down. and after? do what? there didn’t seem to be a plan. Chaos was the plan.

Despite the damage and destruction that they reeked on the Capitol, it did not stop the lawmakers from doing their job, it didn’t stop the change of power. If anything it gave us resolve, despite the actions of a few, Democracy could not be beaten.

And that gave me hope, for a better tomorrow and and respect for the strength of Democracy to prevail even in the darkest times.

I acknowledged my anger at the clown like antics that took place that day, the innocent lives taken unnecessarily and breathed a sigh of relief 14 days later when we as a nation welcomed a new leader with a new direction.

The world had changed forever in 20 minutes.

Until Next Time,



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