Hammer Hammer

A few months ago we had a pretty big storm here in the Quad Cities, I spent the duration of that day watching my roof blow to the ground, sailing in a a strange dance from peak to ground. When the wind died down and we assessed the aftermath we lost most of our roof. Then came the rain and the rain inside the living room. Aaah that was a good morning. Then it was followed by tarps to protect us from the rain until the real work could begin. Today was a work at home day and it was a big day in our little world.. it was time for our roof. The crew showed up right on time and hit that roof with a vengeance. It was amazing to watch and listen to.

Now I have never owned a home or had one that needed a new roof. So this was pretty exciting stuff for a family that primarily stays at home (Thank you COVID). The project began with one person, politely knocking on my door around 8am. It quickly escalated to vehicle after vehicle pulling into our little corner and proceeded to unload stuff. Equipment, shingles, tools, a trailer. It was impressive. And it began. A flurry of activity and lots of noise. Beautiful noise in a way as we have been waiting since the storm to have it replaced.

I will admit that at first I found it quite distracting and loud. But soon, it was just background noise. Good Noise. Necessary noise. I just continued working to the rhythm slightly like the sleep podcasts I listen to at night. I appreciated every second and grateful that at the end, I would have a new leakproof roof.

Now what I found so impressive is the speed and dedication that the crew worked. 8-12 non stop, banging ,walking, hammering above my head. Lunch at 12. We bought pizzas and soda for the crew. My fiancé is good like that. Once they broke for lunch, the silence was almost eery I had grown used to the noise and watching the process. One hour of silence. In exactly one hour, they return.

I am in my office participating in a zoom meeting and all of a sudden just like that I am in a scene from a movie, The Money Pit. I glance out my window to the left and stuff is flying off the roof into a huge dumpster, I look to the left and I see another guy throwing stuff up to the roof. Then I walk out to the living room and see the young man who is apparently either the newest employee or the strongest because he gets to carry all of the roofing shingle bundles up to the roof. I watch him in awe as he throws it over his shoulder and up the ladder he goes. Over and Over. Big Kudos.

I am in awe.. seemingly trapped inside while the music plays above my head. The music of progress that sounds like a symphony of hard work. As the shadows start to move on the hill across the street they are still hard at work giving me a roof. I respect the work ethic and dedication to doing a great job.

As the sun sets on the new roof, It is a thing of beauty. Thank you Calderone Roofing.


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