Uncle Abie

My Dad died in 2015. After he died, my brother and I were given two different opportunities to retrieve some of my Dad’s things from his former residence. Dad didn’t have a lot of possessions so they were really a haphazard collection of oddities that well if you knew my Dad, a collection of oddities is nearly perfect.

So as I sifted through the belongings and claimed those items that I would like to look at more, I took most of the paperwork. Once I began to look deeper, I came upon a scrapbook, filled with photos and memorabilia of a life. The life of my Uncle Abie, known more formally as Darrell Milton Morris. He was my Dad’s oldest brother and the oldest of all 12 of my Dad’s siblings.

I really didn’t know much about my Uncle except he was a chef and lived in Iowa. He was born November 1, 1913, my dad was born on December 20, 1932, 21 years difference. I remember meeting him a few times but the memory is fleeting.

The scrapbook mainly focused on this time in Europe during WWII. There were telegrams, letters, photos, Christmas cards and so much more. My instant thought was this must be preserved.

It so happens we have a German/American Heritage Museum just across the river. I contacted them and the agreed to meet with me and review the scrapbook. We met and I handed over the precious scrapbook. Today I got a letter asking me to tell them a little about my Uncle to assist with the preservation of the scrapbook and then I realized I knew very little. So I decided to do little research. I wanted to provide an accurate portrayal of my uncle for the preservation.

Darrell Milton Morris was born in 1913 in Milo, Iowa Warren County to Ralph and Jessie (Gifford) Morris, the first of their 12 children. He attended high school for 4 years and became a cook, a skill he learned from his Uncle and one that would carry him through life. He married Eva Stevenson daughter of John Elmer and Esther Cleveland (McCorkle) Stevenson on December 26, 1935 in Knoxville, Iowa. They moved to 121 8th Street, Davenport, Iowa and worked at the LeClaire Hotel in the neighboring town of Moline, IL. Abie was drafted at the age of 26 in 1939. He served in the United States Army 58th Field Hospital Brigade and participated in Campaigns in Europe, Africa and the Middle East during WWII. He was discharged in 1946 and returned to Iowa to resume his life with Eva. Together they opened a restaurant called the D&E Diner in Oskaloosa, IA. A quaint little dining car that proclaimed proudly on it’s side ” The biggest Little Dining Room in Iowa, seating 1000’s of people 35 at a time” the diner sat at 715 A Avenue West Oskaloosa Iowa. I have included a picture below. They owned several restaurants over the years and finally settled in Williamson, Iowa and lived out their days until Abie’s death in 2000 and Eva followed in 2001.

Thank you for your service Uncle Abie.

Until Next Time,



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