Early Morning Rain

September 6, 2020

It’s 5am on a Sunday morning in the Midwest and I am awakened by the dogs barking and a loud banging. I get up to see what is going on and discover that the screen door is banging and smell the delicious scent of rain. Much needed, rain. Welcome. we have been waiting for you.

The brown grass welcomes you. My half dead garden (except the tomatoes…they always thrive) is dancing with joy, leaves turned upward as if hands raised in praise, as the storm rumbles on. As far as storms goes it is a fairly pleasant one. you know a tin roof one, the kind that makes you wish you had a tin roof, to hear the raindrops play out their song, broken by Just a few rumbles for percussion.

I am awake now and the coffee is on.

We have overnight guests, which doesn’t happen much in the COVID days, but 2 of the 4 grandkids are here overnight. They are sleeping soundly, but I get up to check on them anyway knowing one is not a fan of storms. I lay down for a brief spell and enjoy the song of Mother Nature, perhaps her symphony is washing away the dirt of life.

I try to lay back down in my cozy bed to enjoy the storm, and then it’s the dogs turn to alert me to the storm. Just a sort of low rumble/growl, half warning of the storm half warning the other dog that is nearing her turf. And so my cozy slumber is broken. I get up and turn on the coffee and sit down at my computer for a brief spell. It’s nice to write when the house is silent. I feel like I can think uninterrupted.

The only sound is the rumble of the coffee maker and the ice machine. The storm is just rolling through, God’s bowling we were always told. Whether it is true or not, I always enjoyed that story. it brings to mind an obtuse vision of The Lord and the disciples bowling, in robes no less with bowling shoes peeking out. Silly yes, but imaginative and for some comforting.

Even my weather app is joining the celebration! With each thunderclap, the artistry on my phone lights up with a cloud and the sun peeking out from behind and a lightning strike. Very authentic and fun. And it provides a bit of company so early in the morning.

The dogs and children are quiet and sleeping, for the moment. We are thankful for good health, a dry happy homestead and rain. so very thankful for rain.

So snuggle up with your favorite blanket and watch a movie or two on this rainy Sunday in September.

Until Next Time,



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