The Rush of Fall

September 3, 2020

Ahhh Fall… The season of pumpkin spice, bonfires and cool evenings. The Rush of Fall. This year more than ever.

Personally, I think the word “Rush” has two very distinct meanings. Let’s explore them both and maybe understand which Camp we are in, maybe both.

The Rush of Fall – hurrying into the most beloved season (for some). Merchants do that, we see Halloween in August, Christmas in October (that’s being generous, more like September!), and with good business reason. Get ahead of the purchasing public, put the products in their minds and help set the future buying season. Plant the seed of Fall.

Then we have those who simply love Fall and cannot wait for its arrival. You know them, maybe you are them. You find them sitting in line at the local coffeehouse that promotes “Fall Flavors” or perhaps the first cool-ish day, the porch mat is changed out, chili is on the stove and a fireside candle is burning in the living room. These are the lovers of Fall, they only need an inkling of Fall and they are all in. No turning back. This is the Rush of Fall.

And then we have the RUSH of Fall, almost like a drug it wraps itself around us. We step outside on September 1 with great expectation. Waiting for that “first” cool day, that first true jeans and sweatshirt day. That first hang the sheets and blankets in the cool crisp air for that unbelievable scent day. Last night as I was riding my bike in the early evening I realized that the RUSH of Fall infuses me with hope. It flows through my veins and says you can do anything, the world will be better, get outside and grab some. That is the RUSH of Fall. As I watch the leaves turn from green to beautiful colors of gold/auburn/red I feel hope. It’s as if the RUSH brings about hope. As if the cool days and nights will kill off the bad and bring about a new chance for improvement. As I was riding towards one of my favorite parts of the local river route, it is with excitement that I approach the forest in the middle of the bike path. It’s a short section of the bike path shrouded in trees. It was just about sunset and I did not have bike lights on my new bike so the path was even darker than usual with the combination of trees and sunset. As I coasted down the hill the cool breeze wraps around me like a blanket, a delicious cool blanket. And instantly, I am a teenager riding my baby blue Schwinn Varsity and heading for home as evening approaches. Fall is a RUSH. of memories, scents, and inspiration. I love FALL. I was born in the Fall and perhaps that is why it speaks to my soul and I look forward to the RUSH.

In the year of the runaway train of changes, maybe the Fall RUSH is just what we need to give us hope. To get us on track of this new way of living. So if you need a RUSH, Fall has you covered.

Until Next Time,



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