Sometimes in life you see things that cut you to the quick. The visceral reaction is all you have and you try to process what it is in your heart vs your head.

Recently I posted a article written in the fashion of a news article about the current influx of hatred and racism enveloping our country in a choke hold that seems to have no resolution and no end. The article looked at it from a outside perspective ( just the facts Ma’am) to me it did not appear biased. It did squarely place the blame and this part was questioned by a dear friend of mine. My response was simple, he has the power to good and doesn’t.

Her choice on voting day does not change how I feel about her, but those feelings can get sticky and often cause stress and strain on those involved and in some cases end relationships. Not in our case, we remain friends and always will.

Now the subject of the blog, boundaries. In personal space boundaries are so important. Dealing with the lack of boundaries or the invasion of boundaries is a challenge.

I was in a local Ice Cream shop last night, getting shakes for my grandson’s and my personal boundaries were breached.

Now like all ice cream shops it is brightly lit and everyone is very visible and easily seen. I am standing at the end of the counter waiting for my ice cream and I notice out of the corner of my eye two young men (mid 20’s) in black T-shirts. They are somewhat brazen and loud, I ignore them. Then I notice the shirt one of them is wearing, at first glance I notice the large letters LGBT and I think oh a supporter. But at second glance, I do a double take (after glancing at the other boys shirt which is a political support shirt for our current President). I realize he is not a supporter but that he is poking fun at the LGBT community. His shirt actually has a icon above each letter ( Statue of Liberty, A Gun, A Beer and Trump). Instantly, I am having an internal reaction ( his goal I am sure). I am enraged, I toy with the idea of walking over and informing the boy in the political shirt “No way in hell” and letting the other know his lack of intelligence is showing, but I do not. I just ponder the invasion of my boundaries.

As I wondered why anyone would wear such an outwardly offensive shirt , (yes, I know that many people wear them) but this one was particularly troubling to me at this time in our history. On one piece of cotton dyed a dark black ( and obviously a new shirt) with bright white letters, this man /child was sporting everything that is tearing our country to shreds on a t-shirt designed for negative impact.

It made me sick and then it made me angry. I could not write this off to a political statement, this boy/man was begging for attention and probably at some point an altercation.

After I realized the actual wording and intent of the shirt, I wanted to say something (which I never do) . I wanted to at first yell at him but then that makes me as radical as him. Then I switched gears, wishing I could sit down with him and figure out, why he would wear that shirt. Do you really believe what is painted across your chest like a war pledge? Or is this just for the shock factor? Is this a desperate youth still trying to figure out who he is and what he stands for? Was it just to impress the dates waiting in the parking lot? Was it a dare to wear it in to see if anyone bites and reacts? All unknowns. Personally, I vote for a combo, ill informed man/boy trying to act bold in a public place.

For split second standing there and for the first time in my life, I almost understood ” The right to refuse service”, but his shirt vs my personal opinion was not a reason to refuse service. I will say that I would have had a difficult time being his server.

As I left with my grandsons, I looked back to see the two boys exit to the a very large, very expensive, double cab truck. As they climbed in I thought the future is more frightening than we know. I also thought there is still time to get educated and learn the truth. As I watched them drive away I pondered which will they choose?

Unfortunately, I think I know the answer.

Until Next Time,



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