Despite the rain

Sometimes in life you get a perfect day, despite the rain. June 15, 2019 was such a day.

It was a day meant for sunshiny skies and beautiful memories. In a way, I guess all of that happened all on Mother Natures schedule, of course.

It was wedding day for Rachelle and Rodger. It was an outdoor wedding primarily. The setting was a beautiful open patio space near the mighty Mississippi. The Bride spent the night before her big day at the local hotel and early that morning she could see her Groom from the window setting up the chairs for their big day. Love was all around.

There was a threat of weather but the Bride was not worried, it would all be fine. As she was preparing for her walk down the aisle and was busy spending time with her bridal party, Mother Nature had her first fit.

It poured a torrential rainfall for what seemed hours. The day was nearly drowned, but true to the Brides confidence, the sun came out again.

The tents were set up, the beautiful country garden was set, the guests arrived , The Groom excitedly waited off in the corner and the guests were seated. The ceremony began right on time, under a sunny sky.

As the beautiful Bride peeked around the door at her guests and her Groom, the music began. She looked effortlessly gorgeous. Wisps of her dark hair curling down the side of her face, a smile as big as the outdoors and barefoot. Her dress had a country feel to match the entire ceremony and the man of her dreams was waiting, grinning happily.

The ceremony was perfect and the dark clouds stayed at bay. Guests enjoyed the party, they had caricatures drawn, played in the photo booth and ate some yummy food from the taco truck. The clouds overhead continued to behave.

The excellent DJ was hurrying a bit as the clouds were becoming a bit more foreboding, but all Bridal dreams were accomplished. And then SHE arrived in full force, like an uninvited party guest. The wind whipped up and the rain began to fall gently at first then a torrential downpour.

The DJ and guests went into full on tactical mode to help load up all of the rented props and equipment, to rush them to safety to prevent damage. It was amazing. What a great group of people. We were all clearing tables, loading furniture, ushering gifts into vehicles and no one seemed to mind the rain one bit. Once all of the country garden was salvaged and packed up , the rain let up a bit.

The DJ returned to his post (what a great DJ) and the music resumed. The Bride and Groom led the dancing in the pouring rain. The remaining guests joined in and they danced their way through 2 or 3 songs with great merriment and laughter. Now, that is a picture I wish I had. Pure celebration of love, despite the rain.

As the wedding celebration came to a close I heard someone say “The harder the rain, the tighter the knot” for these two a truer phrase could not be uttered. Thank you for a wonderful day and I wish you a beautiful life….despite the rain.

Until Next Time,



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