Like Riding a Bike

July 7, 2019

Welcome to July in all of it’s sweltering beauty. The last few days have been is expected in July in the Midwest. I don’t mind it. I feel like I am at the beach, minus the breeze, sand and surf. I do love a hot day.

Yesterday, my day began with mowing @ 830 am. I was upstairs enjoying my morning coffee, talking to my oldest granddaughter and I hear it. I am hard of hearing so I have a bit of trouble discerning if it is coming from my yard or the neighbors. My downstairs neighbor begins to mow (which is something I am supposed to do, yet she always begins..) so I quickly threw on shorts, tank top, bandanna and “mowing shoes” (you know the ones that are green from mowing the grass when it is wet-ish) , sunglasses and rush down stairs.

I take over the mowing and even at 9 am I am sweating my butt off ( I wish), it’s a small yard only takes about 20 minutes to mow the entire thing , but it gets my juices flowing and I decide to inflate my tires and take my bike for a spin.

Now it’s been two years since I got on that bike. I used to ride every day, but then life happened and my favorite past time slipped away. Since my new status of retired allows me me extra time, I decided to get back on and see how it felt. I pumped up the tires and wiped off 2 years of neglect and dirt and away I went! It was exhilarating! The first ride was only about 4 miles, but it felt good to be riding. I have missed the peace it brings me. The only thing missing from the bike ride was music in my ears. I have decided to ride and listen to the sounds of the world. Birds chirping, trees rustling and to just be wrapped in those sounds. Early in the morning, is the best time to enjoy the quiet.

I rode over to to a local Park and took a breather / water break while I was there. As I was basking in the morning sun I noticed a man enter the park, he exited his vehicle and was walking with purpose towards a park shelter. He was elderly possibly late 70’s wearing shorts and an over-sized t-shirt and a cigar protruded from his lips. After my brief break I was riding down the path of the park to the street and observed his ritual in full. He was walking laps around the shelter, presumably for exercise and easy calculation of distance. Such redundancy would never work for me, not when an entire park with paved pathway is available, but hey he was getting his exercise. Oh and the cigar remained intact throughout his exercise session. It didn’t seem to be lit as it did not get smaller or drop ashes.

I exited the park and headed home, proud of my meager accomplishment. Today I plan to do it again. Just a bit further this time.

Gotta have goals.

Until Next Time,



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